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Proof that the Economy is recovering

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    Recently, Obama has said that the private sector is doing fine but the public sector is struggling at the state and local levels. He has taken blows from Conservatives on both of those points. Conservatives are saying that a struggling public sector is good and that the private sector is doing terrible. So I found this article outlining how the economy is doing.

    He is what each private sector graph shows:
    Corporate Profits After Taxes are higher than ever before
    Total GDP is at a record high
    Landlords are doing well as Rental Income is through the roof at an all time high
    Corporate Investing is quickly and steadily rising
    Equipment and Software investing is at an all time high
    Private Sector hiring is still low but steadily rising
    There are more private sector jobs now than when Obama took office.

    So yeah, the private sector is doing well. The public sector (teachers, police, firefighters, etc.) are all do dismal however and Obama wants to try and remedy that but Conservatives (namely Romney and Christie) are saying that we need less jobs in these areas. I don't understand how people could want less of these crucial public servants. Do they think through their positions entirely or are they just hearing what Obama says and then deciding on saying the opposite.
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    A little know fact is that under the eight years of President Bush's term, the private sector LOST a net 646,000 jobs.  Don't the Republicans like to demean public sector jobs as "not real jobs" and value private sector jobs?

    Bush supposedly added 1.1 million jobs overall, but that equates to something like 1.7 million PUBLIC sector jobs.

    Without the increase in public sector jobs, Bush's tax cuts "that created jobs" would look like shit.