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The GOP Failure and Democrats conceeding to GOP Failure, just to be "nice" guys.

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    Interesting facts that Democrats continue to fail the base by not mentioning or standing firmly on.

    First- Americans have more job creation under a Democratic President and Democratic or working congress.



    NOW, why is America still repeating the same problems?

    WHY do members of congress that vote against a Public Option or Universal Health Care for the public still get to keep their "socialist payed" benefits, shouldn't they take the hit like everyone else and feel the pain of For Profit health care?

    By the way, WHERE is our Freedom of Choice whether to pay into a For Profit Health Care Industry that has a history of "legal murder" and not only having above average executive salaries, but the profits are doing well ABOVE average like plenty of $BILLIONS$. The Health Care Insurance Industry does ZERO to cure a patient only DENY coverage..for a PROFIT! SO, WHY is Health Care so expensive, again? Oh, yea...WHY don't "We the people" have a choice to decide if we want for profit or not for profit health care? After 80 years of experimenting the GOP lies about for profit market in health care would be competitive...the only competition going on in health care insurance is which of the SCAM artists will get your money only to have them deny you for some reason or another and that is NOT health care!

    2011 ... [][/url]

    Other Lists

        Forbes 400 Richest Americans
        Most Powerful Women
        The World's Billionaires
        The World's Leading Public Companies
        The World's Most Powerful People

    Name Company        1-Year Pay ($mil)  5 Year Pay ($mil)  Shares Owned ($mil) Age  Efficiency
    Stephen J Hemsley -
    UnitedHealth Group    101.965             120.472           111.4 58 -

    2008 - Ins. Co. & CEO With 2007 Total CEO Compensation

        Aetna Ronald A. Williams: $23,045,834
        Cigna H. Edward Hanway: $25,839,777
        Coventry Dale B. Wolf : $14,869,823
        Health Net Jay M. Gellert: $3,686,230
        Humana Michael McCallister: $10,312,557
        U.Health Grp Stephen J. Hemsley: $13,164,529
        WellPoint Angela Braly (2007): $9,094,271
        L. Glasscock (2006): $23,886,169

    Ins. Co. & CEO With 2008 Total CEO Compensation

        Aetna, Ronald A. Williams: $24,300,112
        Cigna, H. Edward Hanway: $12,236,740
        Coventry, Dale Wolf: $9,047,469
        Health Net, Jay Gellert: $4,425,355
        Humana, Michael McCallister: $4,764,309
        U. Health Group, Stephen J. Hemsley: $3,241,042
        Wellpoint, Angela Braly: $9,844,212

    Yep, the Democratic Party are weak in leadership with Senate Majority Leader (For it's been worth) SOLD OUT the Democrats by allowing the GOP Party that "STOLE" a US election in 2000 and allowed the GOP a SIMPLE MAJORITY RULE, thereby, the GOP shoved all kinds of cow dung down our throats and the Democrats could do nothing or did very little like allowing the Not Needed 2001 & 2003 GOP Socialist Stimulus Bills for the Wealthy and Big "small" Monopolies a -TAX BREAK & DEREGULATION- HOW did the self proclaimed party of fiscal responsibility PAY for those bills and hey...aren't we in this mess because of GOP INCOMPETENCE or was it rigged???

    Hey, HOW is that Medicare Advantage Part D working out for the American people, okay for less than 25% of those enrolled have been able to enjoy the all inclusive PREMIUM PLANS. []


    What did the GOP do when it came to PONY UP on their promises like to fund Alternative energy and add to social programs, $10 Billion to 9/11 victims and first responders just like the GOP have always been doing to the Dems, LUCY (GOP) & CHARLIE BROWN (DEMS)...Lucy places the football down for Charlie Brown to kick and like always...Lucy waits...and then pulls the ball from Charlie Brown...guess what happens?

    The sad thing is that no matter where the Democrats get power those pesky RepubliCON's ALWAYS get their policies into law and the Democrats of course...CAPITULATE!

    No wonder Democrats are heart broken by weak representation, how deflating, I should know!

    Can we talk about "PATRIOTISM", what is it? GOP secessionists that call themselves, "patriotic" or GOP Congress & Senate Minority Speaker from Kentucky has a history of "SELLING OUT" the US jobs to Communists (Communist China)(GOP Party of Commie Lovers...sounds about right!) and other "Slave Labor" countries that abuse their people with horrendous civil rights violations, hum...aren't those RepubliCON's supposed to be "freedom & liberty" stricken for everyone or is that just in name only, also?

    So, bottom line to the American people is this...WHAT CREDIBILITY DO THE GOP HAVE other than HOW to FAIL America and make a PROFIT?

    HEY, GOP and those disgusting RepubliCON's that call themselves...Blue Dog Democrats .]...WH... ARE THE JOBS...You SOLD US OUT on those "FREE TRADE" deals, RIGHT?
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    Wonderful post.