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Republicans put more stress on college grads.

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    On May 24 the Senate voted on a bill to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to extend the reduced interest rate for Federal Direct Stafford Loans, and for other purposes.

    I have never seen a more partisan vote in my life.
    51-Yea 50-D; 1-I
    43-Nays 42-R; 1-D
    6 Abstain 5-R; 1-D

    Republicans continue their attack on higher education and increase the burden on college students.

    Student Loan Votes
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    How many over educated folks call themselves Republicans? This is why the attack on all education is done. A public school mixes races and religions in the same classroom. Very bad when one wants to preach eugenics.
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    Has someone been promoting eugenics lately?
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    Zach F Wrote: Has someone been promoting eugenics lately?

    Openly? No. But what are the discrimination stances really based upon?
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    Is someone trying to get classes racially segregated? To me this just seems like a callous disregard for higher education split along party lines like nothing I have ever seen.
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    Why the push for charter schools?
    Why the push for reducing money to public schools?
    Why are public school teachers attaced as incompetent by the right?
    Why does the right insist our colleges are liberal training grounds?

    A desire to balkanize our fair country seems to be the only thing that ties all these questions together.
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    Why do you assume that only one thing must answer them all?

    Perhaps they would prefer to see the school system more capitalized
    To reduce govt spending and move schools to private sector
    School teachers are unionized, and paid by the state. Reduce spending and end unions
    Studies show that people who graduate from college are more likely to vote liberal, they don't want to weaken their base

    All these are much more reasonable answers than eugenics and segregation.
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    Charter schools may seem to be about absconding with tax money but here the idea was pushed by the founder of Domino's Pizza. Who moved to Florida when we told him to take a hike. He wanted the state to pay for Catholic charter schools. And being anti union is just a cover as the rightwing has become very upset by the seeming war on Christ(as they see it). But getting rid af all the union teachers won't fill the classroom with conservative teachers. It takes a liberal heart to want to be a teacher.
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    I didn't say that their reasoning would be productive, but that eugenics is a HUGE accusation for a situation that seems to have zero evidence of a eugenics policy.
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    I always look for the motive behind actions. And those motives are not always what the accused says they are. One little bit of data regarding schools. Heaps of bad talk regarding public teachers but not a word regarding private school teachers. Is it just because of unions or would eliminating public schools result in more charter schools? Divide the students? No, they learn more in a diverse setting.
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    Students are falling further and further behind academically compared to many other industrialized nations. Republicans want to even push us further down the academic ladder. Shipping jobs overseas and making it more difficult for average Americans to receive a higher education compounds our debt problems by being extremely detrimental to our tax base. We need to invest in the average American. I think they are worth it.

    We had two major deficits the last decade that were due primarily to the actions of corporate America. They still live high on the hog, while the rest of us have a reduction in teachers, higher costs for college,  major job losses and reduced public services such as police and firemen. Why do they deserve tax breaks? Why shouldn't they pay more to strengthen the America that they have greatly weakened? You may say that I am demonizing corporate America, but why not call a spade a spade. Average Americans did not ship jobs overseas and average Americans did not create and trade sub prime mortgages.

    There are financial institutions that are paying out big money directly to politicians and the Super PACs, the ultimate travesties to democracy, to do away with federal education funding such as Pell grants so that they can make more money from student loans. Poorer students will not quality for loans from these institutions and those that do will pay higher interest rates. Making students unable to obtain a higher education or pay more for higher education weakens our economy and therefore our tax base. Monies that would go for other goods and services will go to a handful of financial institutions instead of supporting jobs for average Americans. They are even paying off many politicians to have a reduced tax rate. This further reduces both our federal and local tax bases. Of course this will be even more detrimental to education system. In other words a perpetual decline in America as a society.
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    Really only the wealthy should go to college.
    The Romney/Ryan  Republican platform states:

    The Republican Party Platform approved this week in Tampa calls for an end to the federal direct student loan program and would instead give government money to banks to issue private student loans, undoing some of the student loan reforms made by the Obama administration.

    "The federal government should not be in the business of originating student loans; however, it should serve as an insurance guarantor for the private sector as they offer loans to students," the platform reads. "Private sector participation in student financing should be welcomed."

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    its a interesting