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    Today on CNN Mr Zakaria was as usual wishy-washy.  King asked him if he thinks the US should go to war against Syria. All he'd say was, "It would be tough". He urged diplomacy, but did not come down hard against the US going to war for the umpteenth time, putting our economy even deeper in the slough of despond than we are now.

    Yes??? After the incredibly horrible and wasteful GW Bush Iraq war, plus Afghanistan today?
    Are there any folks in these forums who are getting fed up with the lame TV response to our failed foreign policies?

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    I am astonished at Fareed's lack of knowledge on the middle east in general and Syria in particular. It seems that nowadays everyone is claiming to be an expert and that would entitle them to pontificate on issues they have very little knowledge of. He has a built in bias against Arabs in general and muslims in particular, even though he apparently hails from a muslim family. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of Syria would know that there is a struggle between a populace yearning for freedom and a thuggish dictator trying to suppress their desire. Mr. Zakaria seems to think that it is a civil war that started for a unknown reason with no real goals!! According to him it is a civil war that will take 10 years to resolve itself. HOGWASH.