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torturous use of shock instruments to control children in canton, Ma. at rottenberg ctr

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    after6 deaths in rhode island, the state finally kicked this inhuman bunch of fiends out

    whether my town is accepting payoffs for allowing these people to shock the young people from states alll around, or not, it should not be allowed.  this is called 'aversive therapy', and Piers had an interview about this with a mother of one such abused child a few weeks ago.
    On June 2nd, finally, many of us will marchy refuse  in protest against this inhuman places that allows pinching, slappping, food deprivation and other 'motivators'.
    Mother Jones News has carried a cover page article on this inhumanity 2 years ago.
    27,500 signatures have been presented the Ma. legislature, bought off by the lawyers and PR folks at the Judge rottenberg educational center, aka the 'canton torture center'.

    Nothing seems to work to make them stop.  the poor parents are lied to, telling them that if they don't testify to what 'good' treatment their kids get, the kids will be dumped on the streets .
    2 lies: Legally, this place can't discharge the patients without giving the parents some time to find other accommodations.  they are usually severely emotionally disturbed or autistic.
    this is NOT these only answer for these parents.  there are many care homes in Ma, that absolutelyse  refuse to use these 'therapies'.  In fact, this inhuman place is the only home in the U.s. that allows these shocking devices to be used

    what can be done?  the 'contributions' by these lawyers on the staff of this place are keeping the legislators complicit.

    alice brown
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    You answered the question. List the contributions to the legislators standing in the way. And foreward that list to the Justice Dept, the local news and a blog or two. Embarrassment can work wonders.