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I interrupt reality to bring news from Arizona

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    This has been resolved, but occurred while I was floating the river far away from political drama.

    Last week Arizona Secretary of State and Chief Elections Official threatened to keep Obama off the Arizona ballot if the question of his birth place was not answered to his satisfaction. You can read here. He said he started investigation on behalf of concerns of voters. A few days later he said that he was satisfied with the idea that Obama was born in the U.S.

    As Chief Election Official, it is his job to check the validity of candidates for ballots. That doesn't really bug me. What bugs me is that this is a non-issue that has been settled so long ago. So I have developed two takes on this situation.

    A.) Bennett is a 'birther' and opened the investigation as an anti-Obama slight.
    B.) Bennett is not a 'birther' and instead opened the investigation and quickly closed it to satisfy the fringe element of his constituency. Which would seem like a smart political move.

    What do you guys think?
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    Not to worry. I'm "all over" this issue.

    Within the next few days, I'll be mailing a letter DIRECTLY to Ken Bennett.

    As I see it, he has exactly two choices: (1) resign IMMEDIATELY as Secretary of State for the
    state of Arizona or (2) agree to Federal supervision of the election results in Arizona (heĀ  is, after all, co-chair of the committee to elect Mitt Romney for President, which most people would consider to be a HUGE conflict of interest).

    For good measure, copies of my letter will also be sent to Eric Holder (Attorney General for the United States), Governor Jan Brewer, members of the Arizona Senate, and one of the Arizona Republic reporters.

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    Glad to hear it. Keep us updated if you can. I'm interested in hearing a response to this.
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    The link below will allow you to read the letter that I mailed to Ken Bennett last Saturday.
    As promised, I also sent a copy to Eric Holder, Jan Brewer, E.J. Montini, and Chad Campbell.

    Since I believe in "spreading the word", I also included a link to the Democratic Hub in the article. If you're into nostalgia, I also included a protest song from 1967: