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Ariz GOP candidate tied to "neo-Nazi" groups

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    Within the last 2 days, someone expressed some doubt that there were really neo-Nazi's in the Republican Party. Here is just ONE small example. There are literally thousands more.

    Valley & State
    May 24, 2012

    Jeff Flake (U.S. Rep) R-Ariz, says --- "Republican's "NEO-NAZI" tie hurts GOP"

    Mr. Flake, along with Reps. Shadegg & Franks sent a letter to Maricopa County Republican chairman, demanding that J.T. Ready be
    removed as precinct committeeman (Dist 18) because of his ties to NEO-NAZI movement.

    That district is in west Mesa, AZ, with Russell Pearce (R) running against Kevin Gibbons, (immigration lawyer) for an open
    state Senate seat. 

    Pearce's opponents protest his alleged affiliation with J.T. Ready, who is openly aligned with White supremacist and NEO-NAZI elements. (Pearce, in fact, did appear with Ready in June 2007 at the state Capitol to rally against illegal immigration).

    A campaign mailer sent by Mesa Deserves Better shows a picture of Pearce with Ready at the rally under the headline, "You wouldn't associate with neo-Nazis, but Russell Pearce does."

    In May 2007, Ready was on the warpath against Matt Browning, a Mesa police detective who spent years investigating racist hate groups, saying they were "little more than terrorists."

    Ready responded, accusing Browning of slander. "All border activists,
    constitutional study groups, & tax protestors, especially White
    Heritage Club members, are labeled as 'domestic terrorists."

    Bill Straus, exec director of the AZ Anti-Defamation League,(monitoring Ready) said  "We first saw  that he attended an event held by the National Vanguard, a neo-Nazi organization," May 4, 2007.

    Three congressmen said that Ready's "neo-Nazi" activities have continued. They said he attended a "neo-Nazi" gathering in Omaha in Sept 2007 & distributed racist & anti-Semitic literature at a county party meeting in January 2008. These Congressmen said they did not realize until recently that Ready was an elected REPUBLICAN official.

    In 2006, Ready ran for the Mesa City Council, winning an endorsementfrom Pearce. During that campaign, Ready openly sought support from the Hells Angels. At this time he was found to have made several inaccurate statements in his biographical material.

    (1) He overstated his role in the anti-immigration MinuteMan movement.
    (2) Falsely said he was a student at Mesa Community College (dropped out 1 yr before).
    (3) Had criminal assault record from a 1992 incident, in Florida.
    (4) In 2006, had incident where he traded shots with an illegal immigrant, but not charged.

    by Gary Nelson (8/22/08)


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    J.T. Ready went crazy. Killed a 15 month old baby and then three other people and then killed himself.

    The link:

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    OHMIGOD: Thank you so much for giving me this information. I had no idea about this shooting. How shocking and SAD.

    Have not had time to check further into this, to see what caused this sudden tragedy. LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND OUT.
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    I am sure that you were just reacting out of emotion and you did not fully consider your response, but I don't know how you could name this event a sudden tragedy. When a creature, which appears from the outside to be human, spends much of his adult life espousing violence and gets not condemned by society for his actions but instead is made famous for it's beliefs. When that creature existence ends in violence and murder it is many terrible things, but it is not sudden.
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    You may be interested in an article that discusses what the FBI calls "The Christian Identity Movement." It refers to ultra-right-wing, anti-government groups that have been misled by ultra-right-wing demagogues who claim to be Christians, who claim that "Satan" rules the U.S. Government.

    Kinda ironic, I know, since the Shiite Muslims in Iran also call the U.S. "The Great Satan."

    Actually, in some very significant ways, they have a point. But of course they are wrong in most of their beliefs, in their claims, in their hate speech, in their tactics, and in their actions.

    Anyway, it was preachers in the Christian Identity Movement that influenced Randy Weaver's wife (of Ruby Ridge fame), and also influenced and incited Timothy McVeigh to bomb the federal building in Oklahoma City. And the "Branch Davidians" in Waco Texas led by David Koresh were also part of all that anti-government action.

    You can find some good information in Why the "Religious Right" Is Wrong, Part 2, which goes into all that stuff. (Part 1 discusses the regular "religious right" started by Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, which is now perhaps most influenced by revisionist "historian" David Barton.)

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    Hello way4nebraska:  I guess I didn't clarify my response too well, but just jumped into it. What I meant to say was that the entire episode, the death of 5 people including an infant was a sudden tragedy. Keep in mind I know NONE of the details, but just that J.T. Ready apparently killed them & then himself.
    I don't know WHO the victims are, their relationships to him, or the reason for the shooting. But any time 5 people are killed, plus a baby, I have to think of it as a tragedy.

    The actual shooter himself, is unknown to me. I just read that he had been a neo-Nazi, a marine, a border guard, & was trying to run for sheriff. I have not heard of anything he actually did that would put him into the strong EVIL category. If you do know, please keep us informed. He may have been a member of a group, but was not a stereotype of that group. Do you know?
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    Hi Guy: I just spent a long time reading your article on the Christian Right. It can be frightening when you put together all the known facts about ALL these so-called Christian Groups.

    Many are Nazi related, & have an ideology that would be totally alien to Jesus. Their agenda has less to do with being a Christian, and more to being an Agent of Fascism. Using all their power & pulpits to brain-wash people to VOTE their way.

    But they have huge congregations, RADIO broadcasts, internet followers, & tax breaks on their side. How can we fight them?