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Cardinal Dolan's empty threat

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    Reference: MSNBC, Martin Bashir show, May 22, 2012

    Martin Bashir showed a clip of Cardinal Dolan today in which he said that his church would have to quit feeding the hungry, educating kids, or taking care of the sick, because of the government's mandate against birth control.

    Martin Bashir: "Yes, you heard that right. They'll have to end all charity work rather than allow women access to birth control."

    Cardinal Dolan: "We don't want this fight. My lord, we just want to be left alone to do the work that we feel Jesus asked us to do."

    Martin Bashir: "Really? Left alone? You mean without that $2.9 billion a year from the federal government?"

    From the New York Times:

    Catholic Charities is one of the nation’s most extensive social service networks, serving more than 10 million poor adults and children of many faiths across the country. It is made up of local affiliates that answer to local bishops and dioceses, but much of its revenue comes from the government. Catholic Charities affiliates received a total of nearly $2.9 billion a year from the government in 2010, about 62 percent of its annual revenue of $4.67 billion. Only 3 percent came from churches in the diocese (the rest came from in-kind contributions, investments, program fees and community donations).

    And there is the empty threat.  The federal government provides $2.9 billion a year to the Catholic Charities to cover the cost of their charity work.  It sounds like big business for profit to different that all the private contractors who do our "war work"...for profit of course...and with no taxes, just like some big businesses.

    I hope President Obama calls his bluff.


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    Well church resources are very limited with all those taxes they have to pay....
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    I posted a question the other day that falls neatly into this we have to keep giving self-serving religious groups(who do the "work of The Lord as THEY see fit,not as the Bible teaches) tax exemptions.
      The requirement for non-profit status is "benefiting society as a WHOLE". I fail to see how most of these extreme right wing "churches are benefiting anyone but themselves.And only those they approve of.Peesident Obama should have jerked the LDS's non-profit,right after they poured millions upon millions into California's Prop 8 clear definance of all laws governing tax exempt.
      I think these religious organizations need to be brought down a few notches.They can not flaunt the law.Just because they say God,does not mean they know him,any more than my saying President Obama means I know him.(full disclosure...I have never met the President,and he is probably glad of it.)
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    And schmidt...I've been hoping we could get your studied opinion on the "giving religious groups a walk on taxes" thread.Most of the info on there isn't mine,I simply copied a really information filled article(which for some unknown reason,I couldn't get the link to work)from the American Humanist organization.I hope I spelled that right,I'm not using fireFox right now,and I always worry about looking stupid on spelling issues.
      Guess I should have paid a tad bit more attention to the material in spelling class...and not as much to Becky.But,oh my goodness,she was CUTE!!At least I thought so in the 6th grade.
      If you get time my friend,we would like to hear what your thoughts are on the taxing the s**t out of Focus on the Family.  TTYL...I'm going to miss Guy.
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    Maybe we should teach the rednecks a little lesson.
    Maybe we should form the  "American Liberation Front"  (ALF).
    What would this  "ALF" do ?

    We would go FROM the northeast,  down south, and the midwest,  as a military force,  and :

    * Machine Gun and/or Poison all of  the farmer's livestock
    * Spray lye on the farmer's crops and land
    * Infest the farms with Rabbits, Mice, Rats, Locusts, Grasshoppers, Hornets and Wasps
    * Slash the tires on the farmer's vehicle, and motorized farm equipment,  put super glue and newspapers on their vehicle windows too
    * Set fire to the farmer's little Oil operations too,  and destroy the farmer's cable and satellite systems.

    Why would we do this ?

    To kill the Rural American economic base,  because they keep voting republican, to deny Americans our civil rights,  to deny us a living wage,  for denying us jobs and healthcare,  and our right to unionize our labor.

    and we're tired of rural america doing this to the rest of America.

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    This post is at least tangentially related to a comment I would like to make.  There is a video going around on e-mail etc. with a video produced by a Catholic organization calling itself  It really implies that Catholics must vote against Obama or face eternal consequences.  Dolan is quoted in it.  I checked their website and found Manuel D. Gonzalez as the head honcho and he is listed as an MD.  Funny thing is a check of Floridas physician licensing does not turn him up and he lists receiving his medical degree from Universidad del Este, a Puerto Rican institution that according to its website does not grant medical degrees and has no med school. Is it possible that a good Catholic man is perpetrating some kind of fraud.  I just do not know.