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Our HERO: Warren Buffett is Democrat FOR middle class

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    Many Democrats do not seem to know that we have a famous billionaire on OUR SIDE. He is a great man, who has integrity & good character and has always been a progressive thinker.

    He has always supported Family Planning and Planned Parenthood. He gives advice to many thousands of investors in his group, named Berkshire Hathaway. He chooses the companies he will invest in based on their performance without greedy manipulation or any shoddy business practices. Only the most ethical standards are acceptable.

    If you listen to Buffett, you can hear the honesty & idealism in his voice. He has no ulterior motives, no hidden agenda. He is just a decent honest American idealist. THIS has taken him to the position of being one of the wealthiest men in America. And he advocates that all the MILLIONAIRES PAY MORE TAXES. He says NO TAX BREAKS are NECESSARY for all the richest men in America.

    It was so good to see ONE billionaire who is HONEST & a Real AMERICAN who would do the Right Thing during this Crisis. WARREN BUFFETT is a great hero, who will always be remembered for his philanthropy, his generous nature, his ethics and character, which surpass any of the others who have his financial stature.

    Sadly, he just announced recently that he has prostate cancer, so we all want to wish him WELL. God Bless you, Warren Buffett. Thank you for your shining example of how a person so Blessed by this nation really SHOULD BEHAVE. The whole nation would be well served if the others emulate you.

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    How come Obama's budget failed to get one vote in the Democrat controlled US Senate?
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    alias Wrote: How come Obama's budget failed to get one vote in the Democrat controlled US Senate?

    That has nothing to do with the original post....
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    I don't think "alias" is with us any more...but I think Veronica and Zack were right on the money.As usual.Warren Buffett,along with his good friends,Bill and Melinda Gates have done more for the helpless,than 100 churches have,with their charity,I think it's called The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation...but I could be wrong.
      It's people like these...who have made,not inherited,fortunes wanting to give back to the country and give the lower and middle class a chance to raise themselves up by their own efforts...that sets the example a lot of rich people should be following.Not giving millions upon millions to Super PAC's to try to get the Re-Pubs back in power so they can keep even more of their money...and to hell with the poor.
      And a whole bunch of extreme right wing mega-churches fall into the latter category.As I recall,Sarah Palin came from one of these in Alaska.We see her charity at work.She breaks an oath she took before God to serve the people of Alaska,then when that got in the way of her making a boatload of money for herself...just quit.Made the money,and now is doing her level best to make sure(by backing the TEA party) that her tax burden off her new found wealth is as low as possible.
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    Hi Gymratt: Good to hear from you. So many guys only take and never give. They loot this country & never show any gratitude for what they have received. Warren Buffett is unique in his moral character. Always looking for new ways to make America strong.

    The latest is that he bought 63 newspapers. What a great way to try to stem the tide of GOP propaganda machines, used to spread their phoney right-wing message.

    Hey, I wonder if he needs to hire a few dozen "liberal" journalists?