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stopping wars

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    There is one sure way to stop these insane wars promoted by the MIC, SIC, AIPAC and war profiteers and that is to pass a bill that states that all the children and grandchildren between the ages of 18 and 30 of anyone voting to fund these wars would automatically be drafted into the army's combat units and sent to the front and also all children and grandchildren between the ages of 18 and 30 of parents earning more than a million a year.
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    Or maybe get a president who is smart enough to end the wars.  I don't know if Romney is the answer, but we sure as hell know that Obama is NOT the answer.

    Obama said he's end the wars, but that was another lie.

    Is Obama so stupid that he doesn't understand that we are accomplishing NOTHING in Afghanistan?

    Or is he so weak, or so ineffective that he CAN'T stop them?

    Who really wants four more years of THIS?
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    I like the suggestions for forcing the wealthy and those who perpetually create & support all wars -- to have their children & grandchildren "drafted" to serve in the U.S. military. Maybe Daddy Bush would not have been so very quick to start the first Iraq/Kuwait invasion, if he thought his own son (Geo "W") would have to actually go over & serve in combat. But instead, "W" was allowed to serve stateside, where he flunked some sobriety tests for flying jets. Due to this, he was taken off flight duty & allowed to go basically AWOL to campaign for his Daddy Bush.

    In this capacity the only danger he was subjected to was falling off a bar stool at the Officers Club:) Given the circumstances, its a GOOD thing Bush was not able to fly multi-million $$ jets over US airspace.

    Yes, it is always the RICH who profit from War. Due to tax loopholes, they are not required to PAY TAXES to support the war, & due to privilege, they seldom send their own children into combat zones to protect us.

    About Political Parties & their stance on WAR, it is fairly obvious that Democrats usually oppose wars, & Repubs usually favor them. Republicans often have  investments in the stock market which "profit" in
    war-time, due to increased production of weapons.

    Even though OBAMA may personally "oppose" a War in the Middle East, he has to adapt to policies by previous administrations, ie: some former treaties we have made with our allies OR the United Nations. He has to watch very carefully for sudden changes (or upheavals) in any other region which could impact our national security.
    No President can just barge in & say "STOP" to any war he personally abhors. Very often his hands are tied.
    Remember: An American President is not a dictator.
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    Good idea about children and grandchildren "drafted" to serve.

    Never happen, of course.  You and pc are dreaming.

    They would get "loopholed" out of service just like the "tax loopholes" get them out of paying.

    Soooo...according to you, none of the war stuff is Obama's fault to ANY degree?  When will Obama take ANY responsibility for ANY thing?

    After three and a half years Obama has ZERO responsibility?  Not even a TINY LITTLE BIT?

    How long will this immunity last?  If he's reelected, will he assume NO responsibility for ANOTHER four years?

    Obama said he'd end the wars, yet chose instead to ESCALATE the war in Afghanistan, sending thousands more to kill and be killed.  And what have we accomplished?  NOTHING.

    Once again, it was Obama who ramped up the Afghan war. 

    It belongs to Obama now, it's HIS war.
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    Veronica Wrote:
    No President can just barge in & say "STOP" to any war he personally abhors. Very often his hands are tied.
    Remember: An American President is not a dictator.

    Perhaps, but he has just been jerking us around; "pulling out" of Iraq but leaving 20,000 mercenaries isn't what we had in mind, and Libya was all Obama.

    Besides, he never claimed that he was going to pull out of Afghanistan; that was one of the biggest reasons that I refused to vote for him.
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    I understand your frustration with all the wars, as I am also a "peacenik" and I would prefer it if we never have to send Americans off to any foreign nation again, except as voluntary tourists:) But I have recently come to realize that there are millions of details that go on in making these decisions, some of which the average citizen will never know.

    For example, we have US industry busy making billions of dollars worth of weapons, that we have then paid billions more to ship over to the war zone. How do we safely get them all back home? Hate to mention this, but in some war zones, there is DU (depleted uranium) that makes it hazardous, if not impossible to ship those weapons back home again. Then we have to find a safe way to dispose of them over in the nation we are fighting. So the radioactivity does not contaminate their groundwater, etc.

    So these situations require that we must keep troops over there longer than customary. And to keep "nation-builders" working to repair all the buildings we blew up, & fix roads & electric power & water mains, etc. After a big war, there is a lot of repair work to get done. And we do have those obligations according to treaties and agreements with the UN and our allies. So we can't just wake up one day & say "Guess what -- we are Leaving." We have to be sure we have enough planes, ships & carriers ready to transport our troops, little at a time.
    We have to be sure nobody will be stranded over there, without back-up, the last days.

    And you need to keep a few thousand troops to "watch their back as they leave", so the last soldiers left there will not just be a
    bunch of sitting ducks with big targets painted on their backs.

    OBAMA walked in after the whole Afghan war situation had been going on for YEARS, and many others had set the rules of play. Bush & Cheney already had their dope-dealing set ups with Afghanistan's leadership, & Cheney had lucrative deals arranged for his Black Water Security to be guarding oil wells. In other words, the GOP had a whole industry running over there to MAKE MONEY & they did not care how long we stayed, as long as their bottom line included HUGE PROFITS.

    To give the condensed version, the US was involved mostly for GOP GREED, to enrich the Arms Mfrs, & to use any natural resources laying around as our private stash pot.
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    I think that most, if not all of us, agree with you that it would be wonderful if we "never have to send Americans off" to foreign wars ever again.

    It was President Obama, however, who decided not to wind down the war in Afghanistan, but rather to ESCALATE that war, sending even more "Americans off" to that totally useless conflict, costing countless lives on all sides and obscene amounts of money.

    And, what have we accomplished in Afghanistan since Obama sent thousands more to kill and be killed?  NOTHING.  What real, meaningful, and lasting good have we accomplished in that country since Obama ESCALATED the war?  NOTHING.

    Oh sure, Obama's troops have killed a bunch of bad guys, and created a bunch of smoking holes in the countryside with our bombs, but what lasting change has happened?  What difference have we made that will be evident after we leave 2 months, 2 years, or 2 decades from now?  NOTHING.

    This is Obama's war, all right.  He owned it the day he decided not to get the United States out but instead to INCREASE our involvement there.

    Nice of you to try to spin it and cover for the President, but the American people aren't buying it.

    To give the "condensed version"...Afghanistan is President Obamas war.