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Dramatically reduce medicare costs

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    Seniors With Insufficient Levels Of Vitamin D were 3 times more likely to die from heart disease and 2.5 times more likely to die from any cause.
    Why in 10 years have we went from 29 to now 49 other countries where people live longer while  ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE INCREASED  9000% SINCE 1979  .Autism has increased at a rate of 700% of what it was in 1990 & cancer rate is up 12%,  , hard fat cirrhosis livers have increased 3,000%, obesity rate since 1960 increased 162%  If things don't change soon Medicare will go totally broke.
    Most of these health problem would be all but eliminate by sufficent vitamin D3  If more people gave their bodies the vitamins and minerals in the large amounts needed there would be far fewer deaths, heart stints & bypasses, fewer knee replacements, fewer cancers & chemo therapies, pneumonia, colds, flue & fewer other health problems.
    The lack of sickness pain and death would be very bad news for hospitals, doctors, nurses, dentists, insurance companies, drug companies, drug stores undertakers & physical therapists while saving trillions in medicare.
    learn what is needed to save Medicare here
    learn what we should do and take to solve health problems't%20we%20live%20longer.htm
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    The Romney/Ryan ticket today announced their plan to dramaticly decrease Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare costs.Upon election,they will begin to deport all people over the age of 65.Asked how that could be possible Romney answered"Uh,well,hmmm,oh yeah,the Koch Brothers said it was OK" Asked whether the Koch Brothers,seeing as they are both over 65,would be subject to the same deportation"act",Romney was at a loss for words until his running mate stepped forward and answered "I don't know how it is,I guess I've always been good with numbers"  The presumptive nominee for HUD...Jon Kyl said later he wasn't sure if that was a factual statement or not.He wasn't even sure it was a statement at all. He later confessed he wasn't even sure what month it was. END OF RELEASE:UPI...