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Patty Murray finds Veterans Affairs wait time "deeply disturbing"

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    The Department of Veterans Affairs is a government-run military veteran benefit system with cabinet-level status.

    Get this though, I had NO IDEA, but actually it's our government’s second largest department, after the United States Department of Defense. (according to Wikipedia, anyhow)  Wow.  Really.  They employ nearly 280,000 people in hundreds of locations nationwide.

    Patty Murray, long time Senator from Washington and 4th highest ranking current Dem, is bringing to light an issue with VA, however.  She says the wait times for veterans to receive mental medication is "deeply disturbing".

    I think she sums up why this is a COMPLETELY unacceptable problem when she said, "those who have been brave enough to seek care... once a veteran takes the step to reach out for help, we need to knock down every potential barrier to care.”

    Well said, Ms. Murray.  Keep up the yelling and screaming, seriously.  No matter what conflict I'm personally against or legislation or whatever political distraction, if a veteran needs medicine, that should be the EASIEST thing in the world for him/her to receive.  No questions asked.  Next to no wait time either.  Come on now!  Agree with me???