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*Where has all the money gone? (Military waste) VIDEO

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    Good info.  It makes me long for the good ole days of 2007 when oil was "only" $81 bbl.

    Good info, yes, but I didn't see anything about anyone "STEAL"ing any oil from Iraq.

    Got any proof, Veronica?

    What oil was STOLEN and by whom?
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    Oil is the reason we went to war with Iraq instead of Iran.  American oil lords have their money invested in Iran, not Iraq.  Of course they are invested in Kuwait as well.  The sad thing about this war, we don’t even need Eastern oil.

    Our number one producer of foreign oil is Canada, Mexico is second.  If are cars got the mileage they did in the seventies, all our oil lords investments overseas would be lost.  Their one billion dollar super tanker would be rusting in harbor, you don't need a billion dollar super tanker to get oil from our number one and number two producer of foreign oil.  No the majority does not need eastern oil, but the oil lords that own our government do.  As long as we keep not using solar and our mileage standards do not change, the oil lords have no fear of losing their investments. 

    Yes America borrows 38 cents on every dollar it spends, to pay for war toys.  No other reason of spending comes anywhere near the expense of this oil war.  Yes the rich are getting richer (oil lords and war toy makers) while the majority’s deficit keeps on rising.  So what is going to happen to the majority when the countries that borrow us this money stop, and demand payment?  The rich have no fear, they have plenty of money, but what about the ones of us that have to work for it?
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    Still no source for "STOLEN oil".

    Imagine that!


    If we don't need Eastern oil, then it's "Drill, Baby, Drill!"

    We ARE increasing our solar, and our mileage standards ARE changing.  Not as fast as they should, but change does not happen overnight.

    Even if we were to stop using oil completely, and that's not going to happen, who's going to go to China and India and make THEM stop?  No one.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could just magically stop using oil?  While we're dreaming, lets end all poverty and sickness, put a stop to all wars, and we could all live in harmony?

    Don't some of those things sound like Obama campaign promises?
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    Hi Guys: I wish I could just spend 24/7 looking up all answers to every question on the Forum, but No Way.
    Once in awhile I try to "have a life" believe it or not.
    :):) United Majority I do appreciate your discussion on the subject why we have a war with Iraq & not Iran. It is a new idea I hadn't thought about. And both of you have been giving some positive input for the topic at hand. It is nice to have interactions on some topics, but at some point I have to say "Google it yourself."

    No offense intended, but time is short, & there are a few topics I have to write about, like the Fascist guys taking over our govt. Those things are top priority now as election time will be here in the blink of an eye.

    In my humble opinion, the reasons why we invaded an OIL rich nation is OBVIOUS. Why we stay is just plain LOGIC.

    About 38 yrs ago, the British were involved in trying to make synthetic fuel for cars. Such a process is possible, but every time it occurs the oil & gas lobby prevents it from reaching the market. I am going to watch a movie tonight called "The Formula" that gives all of the enlightening details.

    But a Rumor says the oil companies will resort to almost any means to prevent synthetic fuel from taking the $ profits away from them. They would even Kill the competition, if necessary.

    If you think of this world as a rivalry between Good & Evil -- or in religious terms God & the Devil -- which side do you think the OIL business is on? It comes from dark recesses under the ground, very hot & flaming products are created, & evil corruption dominates the entire industry. On the other hand, the solar & wind power energy is free, clean, produced in the purity of our above ground environment, & generally those who are
    working for green energy are decent honest people.
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    Thanks for the kind reply.

    "Google it yourself" is, as you probably know, the standard answer for someone who makes a claim, then will not, or (USUALLY) can not, back it up.

    If it is your OPINION that oil was STOLEN then that's exactly what it opinion.  And we all know what opinions are like.  And, everyone has one.

    "which side do you think the oil business is on?"  Well, it's not just black and white, it's complicated.  Plenty of shades of grey.  Not all good OR bad.

    Bad:  Plenty of bad:  Oil pollutes even when it's not spilled, probably contributes to global warming, or global climate change, or whatever they are calling it this week.  Bad for the environment air and water and land, oil companies putting greed (MONEY) above all other considerations, and yes, wars fought over oil...on and on and on...

    Good:  Oil (and gas, coal) moves the world.  Planes fly because of oil.  Cars and trucks use it.  Sure there are tiny electric cars which will go a whole 100 miles(!) on electricity, but that's all, for now.  What if you need to drive 101 miles?  Or a thousand?  Ships and even train locomotives with HUGE engines that some people think get "over 200 miles per gallon" use oil.  Oil is used in the manufacture of lots and lots of stuff...on and on and on...

    Without oil we park the planes, the cars and trucks, the ships, the trains, and THEN what would the economy look like?  The whole world would shut down and we'd be back to the horse and buggy days.

    "those who are working for green energy are decent honest people."  And there aren't generally decent and honest people who work for the oil companies?  I think BOTH industries have plenty of "decent honest people" and plenty of scumbags, too.  Just like every other large company/industry/catagory of people.

    The world will be a better place as we replace oil with green energy, but the economics and technology are not there yet.  And, economics and technology are what will make the difference.  And that will take time.

    In 2012 petro-energy is the cheapest, and most reliable energy source for most of the world.  That may change, but not anytime soon.
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    \It says in the end good and bad will do battle on earth.  I think that battle has started, and it looks like evil is on top.  But according to the good book, good will win, sure hope so.

    Oil is evil and an evil power.  People have killed for hundreds, what would oil do for trillions? Their is no better judge of ones soul than money, the oil rulers have proven their soul, no, we won't be seeing them and many of our politicians in a good place after earth. 

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    "Oil is evil"

    Can't argue that.

    A more accurate statement would be "Money is evil".

    Oil equals money.

    It all comes back to money, as usual.
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    Abuses in bartering systems and primitive economies seems to undermine the argument that "money is the root of all evil."

    And I think it's the "love of silver" in the Bible.