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Nelson is preparing an alternative to the health care mandate.

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    If the mandate portion of the Health Care Act is ruled Unconstitutional, Sen. Ben Nelson has an idea. Nelson has in mind "a carrots and sticks" approach that would encourage and incentivize all Americans to acquire health care insurance. Instead of penalties for not signing up, their would be incentives such as lower premium costs for those who sign up early. The program would encourage early participation instead of a mandating the health care.

    If the mandate portion does fail to get through the Supreme Court would this be a viable alternative?
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    The problem is that the bill did nothing to control costs; what good is the mandate, or incentives, or exchanges, or anything else if quite a few people will simply be unable to afford it no matter what?

    The fine in the mandate proposal is simply another tax on the poor, and incentives for early enrollment are just another tax break for the rich.

    Can we get over this idea that the government should be telling people what to do in every aspect of their lives and punishing them for not toeing the line? Just take it out of payroll like medicare, and give it to everyone.

    For that matter, let's just give medicare to everyone.