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Rick Scott cost FL jobs in House Bill 959 - Ignores Cuba's transition to open economy and free trade

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    The Florida governor just cost the state a huge number of jobs in construction, transportation and practically every other export related industry in the state.

    After the already highly unpopular Rick Scott gets done posing for the signing of House Bill 959 and all his speeches at the Freedom Tower, a symbolic setting for the Cuban exiles, Democrats should thank him again for this latest mistake.

    Everyone knows its a bad political season but that's no excuse for bad economic decisions.

    It's clear that within a year or so, the 311-point reform package just passed in Cuba will create an economic power just 90 miles south of Florida that will test the limits of growth for Florida businesses and organizations that can help in the reconstruction.

    For a more eloquent story on this check out the recent CNBC Special that aired in March of 2012.


    90 Miles off the coast of Key West, Florida is a hidden treasure, one that if opened could generate millions in revenue for US based businesses. That treasure is of course Cuba, a tiny island under the crush of economic sanctions but also on the edge of major transformation."

    Heck, just the cement business alone would be a huge bonanza. Why let other suppliers get that business when in Florida, there are 7 cement plants, over 100 aggregate plants, over 300 concrete plants? And with the numerous support industries such as trucking companies, railroad's etc this translates into billions in payrolls for the state.

    Influential business interests, including the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the governments of Florida's top two trading partners, Brazil and Canada, have warned the law would discourage investment from foreign firms. This is also an attempt to create foreign policy at the state level, something being discussed in the Supreme Court's review of the Arizona immigration issue.

    The regulation amounts to a license for a witch hunt for anyone possibly doing business with Cuba. The conspiracy hunters need not look too far. It's very clear which companies would be affected by the legislation - Florida's already weak construction sector. And then consider every other business involved in regional trade and tourism, airlines, hotels, port facilities, and the list keeps growing.

    One small bill. One very big mistake.

    That's my take on it.