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Herb Kohl speaks out on the Buffet Rule vote.

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    Herb Kohl wad unhappy when the Buffet Rule didn't get the 60 needed votes to pass which he calls  “a simple policy that would reduce the deficit and make our tax code more fair.” it fell 9 votes short.

    So whats the next to ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share?
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    Isn't it awful? Our hands have literally been tied in all directions by the crooked manipulations of the GOP. They have all bases covered. Rachel Maddow has been talking about the cities taken over by Emergency Mgmt.

    Telling how more than a few things are being changed, but their rights and freedom has even been confiscated. This must not casually be ignored. Regard Michigan as a Test Case to see how long we allow this usurpation of power to go on, without raising an eyebrow or raising Hell. If we don't do a thing, it will spread city to city, changing all of them to become "undemocratic" & stifling all our freedoms.

    The Fascist takeover has begun, day by day, one city at a time, they will stifle each one & weaken the people until they are too afraid to revolt. One city at a time, they will have us totally overcome, without a single shot being fired.

    While the best of us are signing petitions to have them shut out of office, they are removing your rights to vote or have a newspaper, or own your own property. You are like a fish in a bowl with the water removed.

    BEWARE of an "Emergency Management" coming to your town.
    Notice these are ALL appointed by Republican governors. And they all assume dictatorial powers over your cities.
    You will all become nothing but pawns on the chessboard of life. You will no longer have the rights of American citizens. -- To whom can you APPEAL?

    The highest court in the land has been mutilated, with Koch Bros money. Your sacred US Supreme Court has been
    bought & paid for by the GOP corporate billionaires. They "own" our LEGAL SYSTEM. You will no longer be able
    to seek "fair justice for all." (Read it & weep).