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What? JEB BUSH to be Vice President?

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    What? JEB BUSH to be Vice President?

    Now THAT is a miracle idea. Let's see, first Daddy Bush is President, then they pass the torch to Georgie "W" Bush, who really did a great job, with phoney wars for WMD that did not exist, which bankrupted our economy.

    NOW they want to push the bloodline to run brother Jeb? Yeah, sure, wasn't he the guy who helped "RIG" the election for his brother in 2000?

    Yes, I do remember that Florida had some problem with hanging chads, and Jeb stopped the counting of the ballots every 20 minutes, until finally they had to send the whole election to the Supreme Court,(which conveniently had been stacked by Daddy Bush about 8 years earlier). 

    Nothing like having the United States Govt being run as a family-owned business. No hint of nepotism here. Now we could have THREE Bushes at the Top Executive level in just 28 years. Is that bad? (Think of the DNA).

    The purpose why the Founders wanted our US leaders to be "selected" by us, and "voted for" by the people, was to avoid any semblance to old British "hereditary" rule -- MONARCHY was what they were revolting against.   

    In America, they did not want our government to be ruled by a single bloodline, a family that passed down the role of King, as though it was a right. Paine said that being born a King did not ensure "intelligence" or aptitude. It was foolish to give such power to anyone without a test of ability. Birth Name did not qualify.