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Whatever happened to old Rushie? --- Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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    I don't listen to much talk-radio anymore, (it rots the brain I am told) so I haven't had the chance to find out if Rush Limbo is still blowing his usual typhoon on conservative airwaves. While I do not favor his brand of humor (ie: "slanderous hogwash") I do sorta wonder how his big league sponsorship is holding up?

    I worry if the old windbag has run out of hot air? He has been there non-stop for 27 yrs, so  at some point he should be ready to retire. By now, he could stuff a mattress the size of Lake Michigan with $100 bills, & still have bucks left over to put in his Cayman Islands or Swiss bank accts. (These are GOP shelters for homeless dollars seeking to avoid taxation). 

    But, seriously, Does anyone know where Rushie is?