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Dr. Rachel Maddow's best seller, DRIFT

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    I'm in the process of reading "Countdown 1945", by Chris Wallace, which is an excellent book. Wallace explores the 166 days between Harry Truman's election as president to the bombing of Hiroshima, and he captures the conflicting emotions of the folks in favor of, and against, using the bomb. In my opinion, we made the right decision.

    However, the development of the bomb opened up a horrible Pandora;s box that we can no longer escape.

    Rachel Maddow covered the cost of maintaining our nuclear stockpile in "Drift" and the Catholic Reporter published a comprehensive article earlier this week;

    Here's a sobering thought:

    Although the United States is currently set to spend $1.7 trillion modernizing our nuclear arsenal, although our resting nuclear readiness remains almost unchanged from the height of the Cold War, with additional nuclear dangers in the cyber and artificial intelligence realms, Americans have largely swept the issue from our collective consciousness — and thus from our conscience. We can bring the moral question of nuclear armaments back into the mainstream only by recognizing it as fundamentally entangled with our goals for ecological healing.

    Today, the nuclear payload on a single Trident submarine offers a blast potential equivalent to 40 Hiroshima or Nagasaki explosions — four times the total destructive force deployed in World War II. Nuclear proliferation has been reduced to an inevitable feature of progress.

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    Sickening for sure. Thus let this be an warning to all the "voters" here not to elect idiots like Trump as our "leaders" who are very dangerous people as his niece clearly stated. He may not care about his own life in an "nuclear" situation, but what about the world around us? Thus let this be an dire warning; no one will be "saved" if just one idiot uses this to get his way. But yeah who is going to inform the Trumpers what may be erase them?