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    Honorable Senators,

    How can you permit the United States post office to advertise "flat rate shipping supplies" on television and other media which effectively cost much more than if you mail, for example, a 2-pound package in a number 1095 USPS package obtained from the local post office or on-line. A 2 pound package can be sent for $5.00 to $10.00 anywhere in the continental United States using the # 1095 box. If you use the "flat-rate large box" recommended by the post office, you will end up paying about $15.00. This is unfair!

    Also,I have to ship many packages via FedEx or UPS because the United States postal rates are too high for heavier packages. A package weighing 15 pounds from Michigan to Las Vegas for example, will cost about $15.00 via FedEx and $23.00 via USPS. Which would you choose.

    In addition, because of our past history the United States post office has limited First-Class mail package to 13 ounces. Yet, if I mail a parcel overseas, I can mail a package weighing up to 4 pounds via First-Class mail. This makes no sense to me whatsoever! The major airports are using new x-ray technology and the post office should do the same. There is no good reason why anyone shouldn't be able to ship items up to 4 pounds via First-Class mail.

    Maybe the mail should be streamlined to: First-Class, Priority and Express and phase out all other classes and compete with FedEx and UPS and other shipping companies. USPS certainly has the trucks and equipment to move packages and mail, but they are mired down with an unbelievabley restrive code which is only surpassed by the IRS code.

    I hope that there are others who want to US Post Office to survive and modernize. I like my smalltown local post office, but with cuts looming I don't know what will happen. Write and call your senators and tell them to modernize the post office!

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    Mr.Ed, an solution to solve some of the USPO is to first get rid of many Post Masters (PM), especially in small towns. I’ve worked in two P.O. in two different states, and each P.O. had too many supervisors.  Small towns can be combined and have one PM., since the Station managers run the stations. The cities of Hurst, Euless and Bedford (HEB) have combined their school districts and have ONE School Superintendent. The P.O.’s in HEB can also combine and have one PM. This can be repeated across the U.S.  Get rid of the many PM's and extra administration personnel and supervisors first. Getting rid of some of the many PM's that receives $63k to $80k in salary will reduce the budget. Also, get rid of the amount of money that is being put in and maintain in the retirement fund. Cut costs from the top first. FEDX and USPS want the USPS to fail and it seems that the Post Master General is helping the USPS to fail.