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Tennessee introduces "Gateway Sexual Activity" law

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    So Tennessee has the abstinence based curriculum when it comes to sex education. Now the Tennessee Senate has passed a law that requires teachers to teach that holding hands is a "gateway sexual activity." Additionally, any teacher who teaches any sex education topic that is not on curriculum can be sued.

    Abstinence only education has done nothing except cause the spread of STDs and increase teen pregnancy by fostering ignorance in teens. And now instead of expanding the sex ed curriculum, they just make it more extreme. Holding hands will soon be seen as promiscuous in Tennessee.

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    No problem.  Holding a girl's hand was not what I was after.  So in Tennessee they'll just skip the foreplay.  Slam, bam, thank you ma'am will now become the state motto.

    The lack of intelligence in local elected people is sadly funny.  How do they acquire a mate?
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    Club them over the head drag them back to your cave.

    When I was taking sex-ed many years ago my step-dad enlighten me with his sex ed experience.

    "My dad and I were driving around the farm and we passed a bull that had mounted a cow. My dad looked at me and said, 'That is how it is done son."

    That was it, that was the whole story. So I guess when it comes to Texas, abstinence only is actually a step up.