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Can a "felon" be elected President? (possibly Romney)

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    We have heard on reputable news agencies that Mitt Romney has millions of dollars hidden away in foreign (offshore) banking accts. Namely, the Cayman Islands & Swiss bank. What is the real PURPOSE of a millionaire hiding his assets this way? 

    - USUALLY it is for purposes of TAX EVASION. Now in most cases, the person who tries to
    evade paying their TAXES (especially on millions of dollars) is guilty of a FELONY.
    And therefore eligible for the "iron college" - aka - PRISON.   

    So why is Mitt Romney not being charged with a felony? And not only THAT, but he is
    allowed to keep running for the highest office in the land --- the Presidency??

    THAT is probably why Romney will not release his latest tax returns?
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    No, a felon cannot be elected to President. However, I'm not sure about congress. Not trying to be funny, but I believe if a person was convicted whatever number of years past, and isn't currently on any type of parole, they may, I emphaise,may, be eligable for congress. And that Is GREAT news for 3/4 of the Re-Pubs now serving.( you knew I was going to work that in somehow,right?)
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    We have heard on reputable news agencies;;hain't no such a thang.

    He is not hiding his money, just using the tax laws to lessen his exposure; all perfectly legal and very profitable and very very hurtful to America.  We must continually remind Americans just how hurtful Romney is to America.
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    In order to run for public office you have to be eligible to vote. Felons are not allowed to vote so that are ineligible for public office. However, it is possible for your record to be expunged which the allows someone to hold office.

    Mr Yikes is right though, Romney is legally allowed to do what he is doing. It a well known and often used tax loophole.
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    Nothing in the Constitution prevents a felon from being President of the United States. As for Mitt Romney, a person has to be convicted, not suspected, of committing a crime before it is a felony. Even then there’s his or her conviction is not a disqualifier for the presidency. Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution sets forth the eligibility requirements for serving as president of the United States. Read it and you will never again have to invent your own qualifications for the office.

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    It is true that the US Constitution is silent on convicted felons running for president. The individual states make their own rules, and many of restrictions on felons running for any public office. Note that Senator Stevens of Alaska was a convicted felon when he reran for his Senate seat, but was defeated by the voters. The Senate and House ultimately decide who can be seated in Congress and who cannot.

    For president, the question is largely moot. It is nearly impossible for a convicted felon to ever be elected to president because of state rules for eligibility. The question is a waste of time to even discuss.

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    Losing by one vote could be the felon's own vote. What about guards in the white house having guns. Are there any other loss of constitutional rights that could prevent a felon from being president carrying out duties. Certain types of felonies prevent obtaining passport. Servicemen don't need passports when sent overseas. President ??