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Ann Romney's comment on her choice to be a housewife.

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    Quote from Ann Romney..........." we need to respect the choices that women make". I luv it.....I hope she takes that quote on the campaign trail and try to get her husband to respect women's choices. Please REPUBLICANS, listen to Ann. Respect my choice, stop trying to dictate and legislate my choices!!!!!!

    Roberta Hargis
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    Ann Romney said that she made the choice to stay at home and that we should respect the choices of women.  She should tell that to the GOP.  They respect the choices of women only when women's choices agrees with theirs.  I am surprised that no Dem has jumped on that.  This should be a question to the Romneys when they are interviewed.
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    and now we know WHY she was kept at home.
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    On the morning show NBC 8:00 AM with David Gregory Michelle Bauchman & and a Democratic Senator
    (Sorry I didn't get the State she is in or her name) but the Bias of Gregory was so obvious Bauchman talked & talked and kept butting in on the other side interrupting what good points that the Democrat Senator made that she wasn't allowed to say much an she was so polite, well spoken. I thought it was really wrong on Gregory's part, because he was so into, only letting Michelle Bauchman speak, I was irate. It was obvious that he was very bias in favor of Romney and the Gop  Now I believe in Gregory's own personal opinion which reporters are not supposed to do with not letting both sides share their views.
    I feel I know Gregory is for Romney for President why would he favortism to give Bachman aLL the air time was so wrong.
    I agree with you about Romney, he should respect the choices of women. Our President does respect womans rights he has passed the bill where women have the right to earn the same salary as a man in the same job for the same pay. Thanks for your post.
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    Now that Bill Maher has coughed up one million bucks to the Obama campaign, shouldn't he have a disclaimer every time he comments on the campaign ( re his Ann Romney tasteful comment) The Disclaimer "I am a mouthpiece for the Obama reelection campaign" My comments
    should be judged in that light"
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    Why has no one pursued the following line of questions concerning Ann Romney:

    How much household help did you have assisting you when you were a stay at home mom?
    How many full-time household in home employees?
    How many part-time "in home" workers?
    Did you engage a nanny?
    Did you have a nurse assisting when you returned home from the hospital with either of yoru children?
    How long did the nurse assist?
    Did you have a "housekeeper"?
    Do you have a housekeeper currently?
    How often did you pack lunch, make dinner, do laundry, foodshop, carpool, clip coupons, plan meals, drop off or pick up drycleaning etc?
    How many Thanksgiving meals have you prepared without household help to serve and clean up afterwards?
    Have you ever had to cook a meal,shop for groceries, make breakfast or lunch while balancing a teething baby on your hip?
    If you had household help, were they required to serve you and your family on Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other day they would like to have been with their own families?

    To summarize, if you answered affirmatively to any of this limited list of traditional Mommy questions, you are not qualified to know what the traditional mothers face every day. Some of us did not have household help. Yet, amazingly we still managed to care of our families. And guess what Mrs. Ann 1% Romney, we usually did it without complaint. If you listen to your husband's earlier remarks about requiring mothers to return to the workplace after childbirth, it seems he actually believes that all women should be required to work even if they have young children.  He says it will help our dignity. Apparently, the proclivity for stay at home Mommyhood is an option reserved for you and your 1% friends. Imagine that?

    Unfortunately, Hillary Rosen has been subjected to some really harsh criticism for saying what no one dares say -  You have no idea what real women go through. It is insulting that you would deign to comment on REAL WOMEN. I applaud the fact that you enjoy the privilge of having your dignity without having to work as your husband feels the rest of womanhood must. But I thank you to keep your unrealistic opinions to yourself and your similarly privilged friends. I suggest you advise your husband to hire some seasoned women with real Mommy experience.

    Vivienne Crawford