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Wyden-Ryan Plan

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    What's everyone general feelings on the Wyden-Ryan plan? Wyden has an awesome voting track record but has been taking fire lately for putting his name on this latest plan that will give Medicare and Health Care an overhaul. One of the main criticisms is that is at odds with Obama's Health Care Bill. Anyone wanna weigh in on this?
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    Looking at the background of Paul Ryan, he he is follower of Ayn Rand.  He has spoke at many of her meetings.  Some of her beliefs are  Rand called altruism a “basic evil” and referred to those who perpetuate the system of taxation and redistribution as “looters” and “moochers.” She wrote in her book “The Virtue of Selfishness” that accepting any government controls is “delivering oneself into gradual enslavement.”: 

    Rand also believed that the scientific consensus on the dangers of tobacco was a hoax. Yet she died of lung cancer being a very heavy smoker. She was against SS and Medicare, yet used both of them. 

    Paul Ryan developed his Ryan Budget based on her beliefs.  That budget will take this country where Europe finds itsself now.  The UK in a huge recession, cutting 25% costs out of the budget. 

    The Catholics are not happy with Ryan, since Rand did NOT believe in religion or faith. 

    Is this the guy you want in Congress?