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Palin and Lauer on "The Today Show"

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    Well lets see Obama stands holding his crotch when the National Anthem is played. He is quoted, "His hatred for Whitey along with Michelles". He bows to Muslims Kings, states he himself is a Muslim. Has increased 6 trillion dollars in three years to our national debt. Did acts against our Constitution and threatened the Supreme Court. Hates America and does not know how many states are in the Union. Has never really furnished a certified copy of a Birth Record. Did falsify a Social Security on a deceased Colorado man. Is and will if given another 4 years destroy the security of the United States or will bankrupt her whichever comes first. AND YET YOU CALL SARAH PALIN NOT RELEVANT. ARE YOU FOR REAL? YOU FOOL'S HAVE BASHED A WOMAN TO DEATH FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN SHE RAN AGAINST OBAMA AS A WOMAN. I HEARD NO BASHING OF MCCAIN LIKE WHAT YOU'VE THROWN ON THIS WOMAN. PLUS YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND SHE BROUGHT A BIGGER AUDIENCE TO NBC THAT HAS EVER WATCHED ANY NBC SHOW, it also a show belonging to Liberals. AND NOT RELEVANT, HUH? SHE OUTSHONE AS SHE USUALLY DOES THE OTHER IRRELEVANT WOMAN, KATIE COURIC, WHO IS SUBSTITUTING AT ABC TO DEATH. SHE MAY NOT HAVE A JOB TO COME BACK TO. AS WILL OBAMA COME 2012.