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Obama signs the JOBS Act

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    Well, that's it.

    POTUS is the enemy.

    By signing this bi-partisan bill, Obama has aligned himself with elite F-R-A-U-D.

    If fraud wants to move overseas, we should send it off with a "champagne toast." Notice these same people give two shits if a factory goes overseas, but if pump-and-dump schemes move elsewhere, it's a crying shame.

    Chris Hayes video (here)

    And this all on-top of the administration's failure to prosecute accounting control frauds.

    Obama is a Republican.

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    Consider the politics.  The bill is called "the Jobs Act."

    It passed in the House 390 - 23.

    It passed in the Senate 73 - 26.

    Now what would have happened if President Obama would have tried to veto a bill called "the Jobs Act" that passed Congress with an overwhelming veto proof majority?

    Consider the headlines.

    One win for the Republicans...but it doesn't make President Obama a Republican.  Not by a long shot. A battle lost perhaps but it's a long campaign.

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    Look, this legislation is just insane on so many levels, it boggles the mind.

    Every white collar criminologist who looked at it said this was a handout for fraudsters.

    Obama should have vetoed it. Liberal Senate Democrats, who voted no, would have rallied to his side as a defender of law and order.

    American people know Wall Street is full of fraud.

    By the way, didn't POTUS just criticized the Ryan budget for being "thinly veiled Social Darwinism"? 

    What do you call a handout for venomous crooks?

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    Hey Schmidt,

    Just wanted to make clear.....I appreciate everything you have to say and value our internet friendship. 

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    I know.

    Just sticking up for my man.  Will be hitting the Obama circuit soon getting people registered and energized.  Right now we're fighting apathy in a big way. We could lose Colorado.

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    Not like I would vote for Romney. Rather swallow and choke on this computer.

    And if I lived in a swing state my vote would be for Obama.

    Just wish I could talk to POTUS, or get Mosler in a room with him.

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    Oh and Schmidt, check this out:

    WE, the Residents of the City of Dallas, demand that the City Council publicly examine the banking, lending, and investment practices of financial institutions utilized by the City for the management of public funds. In addition, WE demand an examination of their home-foreclosure practices, as well as an examination of their political contributions to our local elections. Furthermore, as WE have lost confidence in effective federal regulation of U.S. financial markets and in so-called "Too-Big-To-Fail" Wall Street banks, such as Bank of America, J.P. Morgan-Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs, WE demand that the City make every effort possible to conduct all financial business with community owned banks and credit unions; and that the City Council establish a financial reform committee, bringing together experts and the general public, to examine ways of bringing immediate effect to these goals.

    Signed, below, the Residents of the City of Dallas,

    -Occupy Dallas Bank Action: Stop City/County financial business with TBTF banks

    We're going to be canvassing for signatures within the week.

    Warren Mosler is coming to visit on June 23rd.

    That's right. No shit.

    MMT-OWS unity!

    A Better World is Possible!
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    CBB -- Nice looking OD facebook page. I can see your stamp on it...and I suppose Warren Mosler coming to town has something to do with your MMT influence. I hope it works out and you are a big success. Things don't happen unless there are energetic, passionate people pushing it.
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    Oh, I "friended" him on FB and just asked. Continued the conversation on his website.

    Mike Norman might be posting a link on his website.

    There's an MMT revolution on the ground at Occupy Dallas.

    Enormous success. People don't necessarily get it. But they get the MMT message of hope.

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    I don't consider Obama an enemy.  He is a politician, but he is my politician.
    Please excuse my ignorance, what is MMT?
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    Modern Monetary Theory.