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The perfect marriage: Rush Limberger & Ann Coulter

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    The Perfect Marriage ---- Rush Limberger and Ann Coulter:

    TWO PEAS IN AN iPOD -- two harsh voices shrieking against Logic, Truth, Liberalism, & (gasp) even against DEMOCRACY itself -- using our "Freedom of Speech" amendment to print books full of LIES.
    They are the voices of indoctrination, of pervasive propaganda, of ritualized brain-washing that exist solely for the purpose of influencing 50% of our VOTERS to Vote REPUBLICAN.

    If both of these GOP cheer-leaders were to join in (unholy) matrimony, maybe they could find
    less bitterness in their hearts, & find better things to do with their energy. Life is short &
    no matter HOW MUCH bribe money they receive from right-wing millionaires like the Koch Bros or
    the Murdock Empire, or Birch Society Hdqtrs, it can't buy them true happiness.

    Anybody who has earnestly "tried" to READ any of Ann Coulter's books, quickly discovers that they are basically meaningless. I can't imagine why anybody would BUY her books, unless they are in desperate need of something for wrapping garbage or the bottom of a hamster cage.

    But when you have wealthy people with "money to burn," like our tax-cutting Republicans, it is nothing for them to blow a few $1,000 dollars on Ann Coulter's books. They can donate them to Arab countries for toilet paper & get a tax credit for CHARITY. Yep, that's how they operate.

    When Ann Coulter unites with her "soul-mate" Rush Limberger, do you think they would DARE to have offspring? As far as I know, neither one of them has done so up until now.

    Ann wrote a book "GODLESS" (supposedly about Democrats). So she may be part of the rightwing
    persuasion that birth control is a NO-NO. There is still HOPE. The 2 of them may yet spawn
    a new generation, that they might want to grow up in a kinder, gentler America than any right winger could possibly imagine. NOT to grow up in schools with low-funding, idiot teachers,
    no healthcare, poor air & water standards, industrial pollution, & nuclear proliferation.

    In short, for THEIR OWN CHILDREN, they would want a "Democratic" America, with our own liberal
    agenda, for Freedom, Health, Clean Environment, GREAT Education, & millions of JOBS, that pay well enough to raise a family. (maybe with some UNIONS). They would want their children to grow
    up in a true democracy, where they would be able to VOTE for their chosen leaders.

    WHO KNOWS?? Maybe both Mr. & Mrs. Limberger may come to their senses & become DEMOCRATS.