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    Last week, Rivera said  "I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was." Of course, after the ensuing outrage, Rivera apologized. Even the "Fox and Friends" hosts said they were shocked. Geraldo said with conviction and without hesitation. I feel like the only reason he apologized was to save face. What do you guys think?
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    I think River has a point that some manner of dressing angers some folks,like low "Gangster pants", caps indicating gang affiliation, colors of gang members, and we do have laws against wearing mask,and homosexuals dressing like women. However, they do not, by law, permit any hater to attack and injure or kill anyone regardless of their dress code.

    Now the stand your ground law does not permit any racists to stalk and chase a Black person, start a confrontation like calling the black child a "Fu-king coon" and then killing that child.When a killer chases a person and kills him or her, it is first degree murder.

    I can't help wondering this: With all the racial slurs against Our President Obama, by Republicans and other racists, could it be that George Zimmerman was influenced by all the rhetoric to start a race war? I was a courtroom artist for T.V.5 out of Dallas in the Jasper case and that's what that killing was all about--to state a race war--to incite Whites to kill Blacks.

    Joe Oliver made a statement on T.V that George Zimmerman was "a good man." Zimmerman makes Joe out to be a liar: When a person straps on a gun, an ex-offender, stalks a Black kid, follows him, jumps out of his car and confronts a young child that is doing nothing wrong and ends up shooting that boy to death--it's a lie to say that he is a good man. When anyone straps on a deadly weapon it is with the intent to use it on the person of another. And that's not good.
    A good man would have advised Trayvon, in a loving way,that is manner of dress made him look suspicious and walked him home or just looked after his safety from a distance. George has to be insane.

    When the Police did not arrest Zimmerman, they became guilty to accessories after the fact, and should be put on trial. I am sure we are all aware of the click of the "Good Old Boys" sticking together. WE pay them to protect us, but they really don't...they pick who they want to protect, and it's generally whites and the rich folks. Like the Homosexual cop in Arizona.

    The only person in the killing of Trayvon Martin, who could claim self defense is Trayvon who was being attacked by a criminal mad racist with a deadly weapon. Calling Trayvon a "Fu-king Coon--what are you doing here!" is not an "endearing term"--it is an insulting confrontation!

    Florida may have passed a "stand your ground law" but I am sure that Florida has not repealed the law that states you cannot take matter into your own hands and the laws against using unnecessary excessive force. All this make George Zimmerman guilty of first degree murder by his own mouth.