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Sen. Jane Orie convicted on 14 counts in Campaign Corruption Trial

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    In December of 2009, the story broke out that Pennsylvania state Senator Jane Orie had been caught in some kind of major campaign scandal.  The scandal went like this:

    Authorities seized thousands of computer records from one of Jane Orie's district offices in mid-December 2009, as part of a very private criminal investigation against Orie's campaign goings-on.  A story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette alleged that the core of the investigation involved the employment of one of her district offices for campaign purposes. The Post-Gazette subsequently reported that a University of Pittsburgh student intern had told prosecutors of widespread political campaigning inside the office on behalf of Orie's sister, Judge Melvin. The story also revealed that Orie's chief of staff had begun cooperating with investigators.

    Controversy is on this site, actually here:

    Anyways, news just broke of an update with this.  Jane Orie has been officially convicted of 14 counts of theft of services, conflict of interest and forgery.  She was not convicted of 10 other counts, however. 

    All the same, this is finally having some closure to it.  About time.  Only thing left is for her to resign, which she will almost undoubtedly be forced to do.  Any day now...