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Al Sharpton & senseless murder of a young boy

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    TPK58 Wrote: Mr. Sharpton (i.e., Reverend Al) made the comment today "we's not stupid.  we's not ig'nant"

    By those comments alone, Mr. Sharpton has shown HIMSELF to be ignorant and a poor representation of the African American community.  There IS no such word as "WE'S" and there IS no such word as "IG'NANT."

    He turned a senseless shooting into a racial issue, and he should be ashamed of himself.  We ALL love our children, and we ALL would be devastated if something happened to them.  But, would ALL of us take to the streets if one of them was murdered??  Somehow, I doubt it. 

    And, if one of our children were to be senselessly murdered and was NOT African American, would the POTUS take notice of it in a national news conference?  Somehow, I doubt it.

    When Rev. Sharpton, who I presume is educated enough to have EARNED the title of "Reverend" uses words that do not exist when representing the black community, he not only shows HIMSELF to be IGNORANT, but he gives the entire African American community a bad name.

    So, I have this to say to Reverend Al:

    When you come to MY home, Reverend, we use PROPER ENGLISH!  We do not speak Ebonics, I require my grandchildren to speak correctly and to use correct enunciation.  If you continue to use words that do not exist (except in your mind as an "oppressed black man,") you will be politely asked to LEAVE!!!

    Sharpton illustrates one of America's major problems today as discussed in Foreign Affairs Amagazine last year.

    This appearance of his brand of Attack Group is just one of the many that are replacing Government by establishing and maintaining response grouos that set a politically Corret social environment op[osed to rational discussion.
    The Media benefits from this type of social intercourse exactly because it represents a physical "happening."

    The kangarooo court that becomes established will not allow important observations to be analyzed.

    In this case, we discover that no mention has been made concerning Trayvon's possession of what seems to be stolen woman's jewelry nor the important question in regard to Trayvon's path from the store he supposedly visited enroute bak to his father's girl friend's house.

    Was Trayvon casing the neighborhood?
    Was he suspicious in that regard?
    Was the Town Watch justifiably inquiering as to the presence of a person inside a gated community?

    As his mother said, now such questions can be called attempts to kill Trayvon's reputation, so the matter can not be examined without the flare of anger.

    If these Attack Groups have reduced justice to the streets, then the responsile citizens must form similar immediate response groups of their own or slowly lose control of a legally regulated society.

    We also need to examine whether Trayvon's mother was receiving Welfare while Trayvon's father was not supporting this boy raised by a virtually single mother.
    We must consider that 70% of violent crimes in America involve kids raised by these single mothers.
    We must investigate the whole sociology which is at the center of this matter if we are to benefit from this experience.
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    hi jrab again i just want to say to understand being treated with racial injustice like african descent people are most other folk would probably committ suicide because you couldn't handle the not day to day pressure but the minute by minute and you would have to be black african descent or look black and then you would understand...Dr King put it plain by saying content rather than colour of skin but until america's white rule become color blind and po'(poor) you won't get it for Zim and family his conscience will prove him out because he knows what he did....i know many will use the old cliche black on black crimes when whites(not all) want to get off free because rather than be wholly blamed for the peculiar institution slavery white(not all)america will say blacks had slaves and sold blacks into slavery...back to zim and Trey zim's anger history reminds me of a sexual act and trey was the ultimate climax for zim because history of his anger of disrespecting authority, orders, assualting weaker vessels women and trey clearly display his above the law mentality clear cut sign the good ol boy system is alive and well...words like entitlement, mr so and so boy/girl, just kids having fun cliches is what rich kids and priviledged kids expect and zim's dad/mom positions in life allowed him to feel he is entitled to run rampart and destroy...such as rich kids get lil girls pregnant and rcih parents want to save face and offer to pay for abortion or pay family off all we want is just you go away and don't destroy our lives...the stunt pulled by the zim lawyers first and last is good ol boy style to mock the justice system and let all america know its just us (white/(not all) power/money/rule)..please download this site Texas Civil Rights Project "Eyes on Palestine (Texas) and you will understand what i am saying because here i am approached by less fortunate whites/blacks/et-al whom seek some relief compare the T.C.R.P. Eyes on Palestine, Tulia , Texas and you may see a picture of the law enforcement where you live and will see how the Florida police grand jury can't convict ham sandwich as the police chief tries to run from his responsibility and retire under the good ol boy civil service commission law but has been denied and this is how most police/whites/rich/priviledged get off the hook i say review/get rid of civil service law and watch how when the light comes on the roaches scatter..jim crow, black codes, poll taxes,and if you want to vote answer this question... how many bubbles in a bar of soap boy...i'v never seen so much shame to the presidency as is disgracefully commoded upon president Barak Obama since the shame Pres G Bush Jr brought with the Supreme court election decision and the lie to go to war..these united states of america is better than that but until the preacher man/woman stand up for justice stand up for righteouness and their congregations stand also then as alleged christians all of us blaspheme the holy spirit and call God and Jesus i close i will offer what dr King did he took the Bible and the Constitution and placed them on america's belief stage and said ok america if you believe in these then prove it!  many of you best be thankful your skin pigmentation and bodily make up does not appear black and those whose are know where i'm coming from..Thank God For Jesus... zim your brother's blood is crying from the ground i know you hear it ... ...i expect the trial to be a mockery kangaroo like Jesus was done the truth was drugged through the courts of man/time..more next time ..
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    Al Sharpton is nothing but a race hustler.  The Democrat Party needs to rid itself of race hustlers to once again be the party of "The People" instead of shysters who use race for political gain.  I'm embarrassed for my party.
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    Personally, while I disagree with some of the rhetoric, considering the only issue was securing justice for Trayvon, I am thankful for Rev. Sharpton and all those that assemblied in Master Martin's hometown and around the country to obtain redress of this grievance, an unarmed American kid being murdered with legal immunity by an unconstitutional provision in the Florida statue.[Title XLVI CRIMES Chapter 776 JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE]

    However, with social wizards such as the master of the mock trails Alan Dershowitz and others perverting judgment with inappropriate and inflammatory comments, merely because Martin's family have obtained the wrongfully denied judicial process due is no reason to believe the due process of justice is over.

    As many legal experts claim Mr. Zimmerman was justified due simply because he claims that he was attacked, which I do not believe is consistent with the actual events that night, but even in the event it did happen, wouldn't Trayvon have not had the same right under the Flordia statue to use force on an suspicious individual that had just emerged from a parked car and begin running after him? Since the law does not require a person to retreat then Trayvon would be justified even if one wants to hold Mr. Zimmerman's testimony as truth.

    While we can't say what conclusion the finder of fact will reach, let's pray that those who are responsible for securing and presenting those facts do not leave one true fact unoffered, and every false word refuted, that their be no reason for any doubt that Trayvon's had rights too, such as a life with the blessing of liberty which you or anyone else should expect for themselves.

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    the wsord of God's say my people peris bacause lack of knowledge knoweledge brings power when people lack compassion love and have no knowledge that's where the ignarant lays if death has not hit your yet dorr a person would not understand and don'y really care when negative comments are about about that shows caring for people we show be carful things when do understand we should pray and ask God to give us wisdom knowledge and understanding so rev al sharpton you keep doing waht i believe god has called you to do and let's us not get angry at people that make negative statements but pary for them and remembered thing hung Jesus on the cross and he did nothing to nobody STAY ENCOURAGE REV SHARPTON
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    Is your issue his speech or him turning it into a racial message?  This post is sorta mixed.  I used to get hung up on spelling and English long time back, but then intentionally just used slang when I felt like it and don't read over things twice before posting.  I know some people get uptight over it, but so be it.  From my perspective, ruling out anyone talking Ebonics or following a different set of linguistic rules means I was more focused on how they said something vs. what they said.  I'll miss a lot of learning that way because everyone has a perspective and frankly some have been where I don't want to walk so I would prefer them just to tell me vs. need to go experience it for my self to learn.

    My I can think of a lot of examples but will end it there.
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    I'm Happy for Trayvon's famly that this racist, wife beating, cop assaulting coward and MURDERER will be held accountable. 45 days too late.. but better late than never !! I'm very impressed by how his parents conducted themselves-- if my child had been hunted down (against the advice of 911 who specifically told him to wait until the REAL cops arrived) and murdered-- I'd have wanted vigilante justice as advocated by Black Panther Party. If Chaz Zimmer (I left out the MAN bc he is NOT... he is a coward) did in fact get his nose broken (does not appear so in video) then Shim certainly "DESERVED" it. Trayvon did NOT "DESERVE", however, to be hunted down and shot.
    Note: I apologize if my Politically Incorrect "Chaz" and "Shim" remarks are offensive to gay/lesbian/transexuals.. I'm PRO GAY RIGHTS/MARRIAGE etc, ... it's just that ZIMMER looks ALOT like Chaz. I'm just trying (poorly) to be funny
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    "we's not ig'nant"

    Well, I think that statement speaks for itself.  Make up your own minds.  Draw your own conclusions. 

    Here's what I think:  Rev Al was just talking to "his" audience as only he can.

    He's a "race profiteer" of the worst kind.  Second worst, actually.  Jackson is still the worst.

    Let's say he's racist, wife beating, cop assaulting coward, THAT all you got?

    I see that you've tried and convicted him in YOUR court.

    Now let's see what the REAL courts say.  You know...the courts of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    Nose broken?  Black eyes?  Well, of COURSE, your opinion counts more than the actual medical doctor that treated MISTER ZIMMERMAN.

    In YOUR mind anyway.

    Innocent until proven guilty?  Not by some in THIS forum.

    Black Panther Party?  Are you trying to reference the New Black Panthers?
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    to say you're not ig'nat a and using that getto ibonics to say it shows you are ignorant Al! Did you get through elementary school?
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    How many think Al Sharpton should be fired from MSNBC? Can you believe this individual is even allowed a public forum.

    This is the same individual who was found guilty in the Tawana Brawley fiasco - and FINALLY paid a huge judgment only after some of his "friends" paid it for him. He is a disgusting, unethical, dishonest, immoral, poor excuse for a "human being"!!!!!!

    Anyone that follows this clown and listens to anything he says needs to re-examine their priorities in life.
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    Again as others here you have not followed or examined court proceedings or testimony. Instead you watch TV and take the medias baloney for truth....skiddles and ice tea....ridiculous.

    Most everything else.......I agree.

    One more thing though..........I think its about high time mothers take the time to teach their children how to dress and act....WHITE and BLACK.. This idea that they should be placed on a pedestal not to infringe on their self esteem. That they can dress and act out without respect has led to the single parents we have today who perpetuate the social dilemma we now live. More free rides and hand outs and blaming the NRA will not put us on track. Blame yourselves for where we are's so EASY to blame everyone else.

    I'm white....been robbed by the police, beaten and abused, and falsely accused, but that does not give me the right to punch anyone in the nose, nock them down, and straddle them and then not have to worry about the consequences.

    Being 17 years old does not give me that right either.

    BY the this country this CHILD at age 17 is permitted to service his country and KILL.
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    I listened to the tapes....what are you talking about???????????????? Racial slurs????????????

    NO one has been able to decipher the unintelligible two or three words on the tape.

    Child????? Give it up I'm so tired of hearing "CHILD"....In this country we give them M16 rifles and train them to kill at age 17........Get real.................PLEASE.

    And please as long as we are talking murder...65 in Florida....How about 300,000 civilians in Iraq? Give them liberty or give them death?