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honesty doesn't pay

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    Van Buren's book "We Meant Well" reveals the State Departments complicity in the waste, fraud and corruption of 10's of billions each year that was suppose to go toward rebuilding Iraq and instead filled the pockets of the Robber Barons and a corrupt Iraqi government so why the hell aren't these billion dollar thieves in jail?! Van Buren is a 23 year government employee who is about to be fired for telling the truth about the corruption in the State Department.
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    I haven't read the book, but I second the emotion. So many $billions of our tax dollars were wasted in Iraq, & yet nobody, including the Commander in Thief who began that war under false pretenses, (ie: Bush Jr) has been prosecuted. The corruption has been so intense it defies all explanation. And yet it is impossible to expect any true justice or repayment.