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Significance of Ron Paul's latest performance in the Virginia Primary versus his previous performance there

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    Ron Paul got a little over 40 % of the statewide vote in Virginia in a two-way race against Mitt Romney.* The last time he tried it was not a two-way race, and he got 4.5% of the statewide vote. It would be a stretch to say that Ron Paul is nine times more popular in Virginia than he was last time, so we are left to speculate as to why so many Virginians voted for him this time. Of the 40% he got this time, what percentage would you say voted for Ron Paul as a way of saying, "I will not vote for Romney under ANY circumstances!"  ??

    *Nevertheless, just a few Virginia delegates went to Ron Paul, because there were just a small number of Virginia counties where Ron Paul out-polled Romney.
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    The fact that Ron Paul still gets delegates in light of the media blackout on his popularity says something. We may be looking at a revolution. The old man wants to return the dollar to the gold standard and abolish the Federal Reserve because it's unconstitutional.

    I am definately afraid of the status quo that prints money out of thin air. (inflation)

    I don't like the idea that Ron Paul will cut the gov't so severely, won't that create an initial bubble of unemployment? One trillion dollars slashed the first year in spending and a balanced budget by year three?

    That's his campaign promise!