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Charles Koch: 2012 Elections "the mother of all wars"

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    Reference: Mother Jones, September 6, 2011, Exclusive Audio: Inside the Koch Brothers' Secret Seminar

    "We have Saddam Hussein," declared billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, apparently referring to President Barack Obama as he welcomed hundreds of wealthy guests to the latest of the secret fundraising and strategy seminars he and his brother host twice a year. The 2012 elections, he warned, will be "the mother of all wars."

    "During his welcoming remarks, Charles Koch warned his guests that the 2012 elections are nothing short of a battle "for the life or death of this country." He then acknowledged the individuals and families who had given more than $1 million to the brothers' efforts—though he misspoke, saying "more than a billion," earning a huge laugh from the crowd. "Well, I was thinking of Obama and his billion-dollar campaign," Koch said, to more laughter and cheers. "So I thought, 'We gotta do better than that.'""

    I had missed the Mother Jones article back in September, but Charles Koch's recorded statements shed some light now on how the Koch brothers are throwing money around in this election year.  Using language from Saddam Hussein to target President Obama demonstrates the lengths to which these billionaires will go in invoking fear.

    All of their money donated is, of course, a drop in the bucket compared to the profits they'll reap by rolling back environmental regulations and perhaps defunding the the Department of Energy and the EPA entirely if certain Republicans win the Presidency.
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    As usual,schmidt, you've hit the nail on the head.When we have a Minority Leader in the US Senate who declares publicly that his only agenda is to "make sure Obama is a one term president" and then proves it by bottling up any idea the President comes up with...we got problems.I've said in several different mediums that this election is a referendum on the fundamental direction the country will go in the next several decades.And it is our belief that the TEA party must not only be beaten this time,it must be dis-credited and crushed.Never to rear it's ugly,malicious head again.And that effort is going to take ALL of us,not just reading and "liking" Facebook posts, and the like.It's going to take a concentrated effort on all our parts to badly defeat all GOP types with any ties to the TEA party or it's sick founders.We all know who they are.This time,we HAVE to win,and win big.Let there be NO doubt,that the United States will not cast off her poor and elderly and disabled.We will NOT sweep the unfortunate ones under the rug,for no other reason than they might be an eye sore for the privileged. NO. We just won't.  Period.    Good post schmidt!
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    You may have seen the ad that the Koch brothers recently spent over $6,000,000 on
    attacking Obama's achievements so far:

    The Obama Campaign group quickly fought back with the truth:

    Unfortunately, truth often seems to be in short supply in politics, and for a very simple reason:

    people have forgotten how to read.

    If you've got the patience to read through it all, the article below expands on the topic of truth in politics:
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    The Chicago Tribune had more news about the Koch brothers this morning - and their ties to Phoenix:,0,18...y