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  • Democrat
    Julian, CA
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    Sometimes redistricting can be down right heartbreaking when two outstanding public servants like Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich are forced to run against each other and the results are always the loss of an outstanding public servant at a time when this country desperately needs their honesty, integrity, intelligence and dedication.
  • Other Party
    Lexington, MI
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    Honestly now!
  • Liberal Democrat
    Colorado Springs, CO
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    Redistricting is just another price the Dems are paying for not getting out in large numbers during the 2010 election. Congressional redistricting is done every 10 years, and the party in power has more discretion in how the new district lines are drawn. Some call it gerrymandering, but the Voting Rights Act has limited the extent to which either party can abuse the system, particularly as it relates to minority representation.

    Dennis Kucinich's district has lost population, and redistricting was a foregone conclusion.  However, if the Dems had been in power, the boundaries might have been redrawn differently, and maybe Kucinich would have held his seat against a Republican. I don't know all the details of Ohio, but redistricting has been contentious in several states this year.

    We'll do it all over again in 10 years.
  • Independent
    Maumee, OH
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    So what can we do about redistricting? It should be bipartisan, perhaps not political.