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Limbaugh to be added to famous busts in Missouri State House.

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    So, stumbled across this article. To summarize, in the Missouri State House there is a bunch of busts of famous people from Missouri. Harry Truman, Scott Joplin, Bob Barker etc. Limbaugh is about to be added to this collection.

    So everyone is familiar with hateful and sexist rhetoric that this guy spews every week. Just last week, Limbaugh called a girl a slut just for arguing her viewpoint on contraception. Despite (or maybe even because of) such rhetoric, Limbaugh is a famous person from Missouri.

    Senator Claire McCaskill has started a petition to prevent such a bust being displayed in the State House. She claims that people who use such volatile rhetoric to become famous should not be honored.

    Politically ideologies aside, should Rush be honored for being famous or should his conduct be taken into consideration? Is McCaskill right to try and block it?
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    Honestlu now!!!
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    HJS -- What point are you making with "honestly now?" Zach provides a reputable link and the topic is of interest considering Rush's tirade against Sandra Fluke.  It's news worth discussing, particularly if you are from Missouri.