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In Florida - Strip Clubs are also Brothels - Does the Florida Government know?

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    What is going on in Florida? I hope I do not get followed and shot for mentioning this!
    Seriously! I am afraid - maybe I shouldn't post this - but I am just tired of this going on.
    When did the Florida Strip clubs become friction clubs? All of them are - pretty much - except one in Key West - Woody's and the other in Orlando - Rachel's. How do I know? Because I have been to them! A man (or woman) can go into most of these clubs and get sex - in a VIP room - for about $300 and up. Sex! Seriously! Ok, I have said enough. Please don't come after me. I'm just saying - Didn't former Governor Jeb Bush ever know this was going on during his entire 8 year term? What about Governor Christ? Does he know? Does anyone know? How does this happen? How does a nice girl go and get a job as a stripper if she has to also agree to sex acts?

    How has this been going on for so long?

    Doesn't it make people uncomfortable? What about businessmen going to these clubs?

    Did former Governor Jeb Bush or any of his associates ever visit one of these clubs? Did they know about what goes on behind closed doors/curtains?

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    Try asking the "Hell's Angel's" or some other type of orginized "crime" outfit about this type of stuff.
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    I think it is really prevelant over in the Tampa area, that's supposed to be "strip club central" I don't think anyone will come after you for pointing this out. I point out on a website I write for that almost all politicians are crooks, and a few on the GOP side could be tried for treason (definiation of treason:attempting to subvert a lawfully appointed or elected government by means other than lawful ones.Like oh, i don't know...the Koch brothers and Karl Rove) and no one has come for me yet. Hang in there, it will get better!