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    All the GOP candidates who were or are running for president except for Ron Paul have been saber rattling warmongers; scary isn't it?!
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    Hmmm...I'm thinking they want the American people to think they are up to the task of "taking care of business" if American intersts,or those of the free world are at risk, unlike your president who has been humming and hawing about the Iran situation for months..until yesterday when he announced that the U.S. has Israel's back, which I'm sure will tick off most Democrats
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    You know what's sacrier?  The saber rattling by Ahmadinejad.
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    The Iranian situation is very delicate. President Obama has to negotiate a fine line between hardliners in Israel, the US Congress war mongers, Iranian radicals, and the more moderate thinkers on all sides that want to use diplomacy.  While he has to "keep all options on the table," he knows full well the potential consequences of war with Iran.  I trust President Obama to pursue diplomacy as long as it takes...years if necessary. If Israel stupidly decides to do a preemptive strike against Iran, the consequences can be far greater than the nuclear threat itself.

    Those that lust for war against Iran are not cool headed. They are driven by hate and an insatiable need to keep feeding that hate.

    “All war represents a failure of diplomacy” -- Tony Benn
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    All but Paul are willing to bomb Iran.  All are offer lower gas prices.  Can some con adequately describe how they will do both?
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    The reason Ron Paul is becoming more popular is because of his foreign policy. After all these years he is still adamant that our poor policy of bombing, killing, and force feeding democracy into different countries is why the world is so angry and the cause of things like 9-11. Ron Paul insists we get our own house in order and re-establish freedom, abolish the Patriot Act, abolish the Federal Reserve, balance the budget, and only THEN will other nations want to emulate us. It's the CORRECT way to spread democracy!

    On the Iran issue, it's all generated by Israel. I spoke at great length with Dr. Levi and my idea of importing the entire nation of Israel here to the United States of America where there is tolerance for different religions, is not on the table at all because of their core religion. They really believe in their "promised land" doctrine.


    Furthermore, it is not a national security threat to the U.S.A. this age old squabble in the Middle East about who should occupy Jerusalem. The Israelis believe it is their God given providence (religion!) and also super rich Iranian Mullahs who have a lot to lose and fear Israeli nukes, think because they are also decendents of Abraham via that handmaiden that Sarah disliked, ALSO have a right to Jerusalem (religion!)Ron Paul stated over and over that our military should defend US and NOT be the police of the world! Check YouTube entries of Ron Paul from the last election. The old man is steady and unwavering in his dedication to adhere to the Constitution!

    Ron Paul is the only HONEST politician who has a grasp on all of this and is why the American Jews loathe him. The super rich Jews like Bloomberg will obscure Ron Paul every way possible to keep him out of the White House with the super rich Jewish owned MEDIA that is programmed to help you think the way they WANT you to think!

    Netanyahu definately is ready for your sons and daughters to shed their own blood in the Middle East for his religious agenda. George Soros, the man who broke the Bank of England years ago and destroyed two other economies afterward wants us to move into a "global currency". The Federal Reserve established in 1913 moved our dollar from being backed by the gold standard to "treasury notes" and was the cause of the Great Depression. Now they are buying up defunct, toxic mortgages to back our dollar! We are printing money out of thin air and I am livid about the idea of my retirement savings evaporating in the upcoming hyperinflation.

    Our economy has already been globalized with the start of Clinton signing N.A.F.T.A. into law and the wholesale exodus of our industry and good jobs. War USED TO BE good for the working man, but we don't even forge steel in the U.S.A. anymore! Our nation's largest employer is Walmart!

    I voted for "hope and change" last go around and I'm sorry I didn't vote for Ron Paul in 2008. The man is getting up in years, and I don't want to see all that tribal knowledge disappearing into his grave. I believe and so do MOST, that it's time for a REVOLUTION!

    Don't let the RNC jam Romney down your throat! Look into YouTube and other online sources and discover what your neighbors actually think! The media blackout is real! Online polls show Ron Paul beats Romney hands down and also would win against Obama. And you won't see word of it on the major networks!

    RON PAUL 2012
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    Ahmadinejad is not the boss, the Ayatolla is the Supreme Leader in Iran. He is a super rich "Mullah" (muslim religious leader) and has a lot to lose. There may be some sense of self-preservation among his subjects, but trust mother nature, the Ayatolla is not suicidal. He considers Israel's nuclear stockpile a threat to his security.

    On May 1, 2012 I will attend a fundraising dinner for Ron Paul here in Los Angeles. It costs a thousand dollars a plate. I am really looking forward to it. I get to shake Ron Paul's hand.

    Obama had an event in New York that cost $35,800 per plate, out of my reach. And so is Obama. Out of reach. Obama will succumb to the New World Order and attack Iran I am afraid, perhaps not as quick as Romney would, but the chance of it is enough to swing votes. Ron Paul has gathered more donations and support from our military than all of the other contenders combined.

    Ron Paul insists he will march all of our troops home to protect our United States of America and secure our borders. We're broke. We need to put our house back in order. The Middle East is none of our business. Stopping the Fed from printing money out of thin air is our business. Stopping our out of control, overspending Federal Gov't is our business. Ron Paul claims he will stop ALL foreign aid, even to Israel.

    Ron Paul's support is growing fast, and it's kept secret as best as the media can black it out. I even saw it first hand, how a video got yanked from YouTube. It's back, but it's taking constant vigilance.

    You folks in Washington State already had your primary, back when Santorum and Gingrich were still in the race. They dropped out and now Ron Paul has the majority of delegates from Washington State. That's THREE!!! Iowa, Minnesota, and now Washington! YAY!
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    We sould have stayed out of Iran's business in the first, and never in stalled the shaw.  Iran was on its' way to a democracy.  Pull all of our troops home