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Ben Bernanke

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    What are your thoughts on Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve)?  Because when I think of this man, I automatically think: Federal Reserve, The FED, Big Business involved with corrupt bankers, failed policies, top heavy legislation, printing worthless money, so on and so forth.  So, I do not think good thoughts about Ben Bernanke.  But, honestly, I don't know much about the guy.

    What are your thoughts about him?  Can someone enlighten me on this subject?  Or point me to some good articles?
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    nice face and eyes, probably, it only presents the texts, does not fully understand the meaning of the texts :(. "Employment Minister" Bernanke. He became fixated on employment is not so easy,when the fed 1913г was formed was the point of the contract - "to promote effectively the goals of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rate", of course this is not done, because. The fed has long ago outgrown America. The owners of the fed are only interested in their own enrichment and implementation of the plans for countries. And close embrace of European partners only in the transfer of dollars-euros at a favorable rate. The real exchange rate is known only to the owners of the fed, because they know the real volume of dollar weight and can control it inflate or deploy. The ultimate goal they can put on any of the currencies, or both, if only all they had. It is not in the interest of either producers or part of the elite due to the mistrust. The refusal of control over Finance is a legislative prohibition of inflation.
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    I have been trying to find a place to thank CNN's Ali Velshi for today's program 7/22/2012 noon-1:00 PM. I interrupted my lunch because I want to thank him and am so grateful for his appropriate and unrelenting pressure to enforce essential laws on banks, mostly on the largest 5 banks that have ruined it for the rest of the banks. William Black is an Attorney who was one of the directors of the equivalent of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. about 30 years ago when most of the Savings and Loans were going broke. He says the 5 largest banks are guilty of fraud much worse than Bernie Madoff's; and that they should be prosecuted. All Bush and Obama are doing is throwing trillions of more dollars their way. The OCC Report of Bank Derivative Holdings shows the 4 largest, and Morgan Stanley's which have been absorbed into Band of America, CLAIM to own over $280 trillion of derivatives. Black says these are mostly worthless and these 5 tremendous banks are broke. I say they have probably been paid over $60 trillion in commissions; and that those paid are probably gone from those banks. They also insured their fraudulent products with AIG and were probably paid billions of illegal dollars in fraudulent claims. I don't think we could get away with that!  They want another credit crunch where they can buy up all the broke corporations for pennies on the dollar; and probably won't even need stockholders. This is not capitalism: it is criminal oligarchy. Timothy Guithner's idea is to have the public (forever and ever amen) pay off the bad part of their fraudulent investments, and let the banks keep the good assets. Are we in good hands? No. ESSENTIAL FINANCIAL LAWS MUST BE ENFORCED AGAINST THESE VIOLATORS. Additionally, I conclude they don't care about society, want the worst for it, and will try to ruin important government programs that aid society. Please keep up the good work Ali!