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Kirsten Gillibrand speaks out against Rush Limbaugh's 'vile tirade'

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    So, Rush Limbaugh was talking about the contraception 'controversy' in the news as of late, and he got on the subject of Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student.  Sandra wanted to testify before Congress in support of Obama's contraception mandate, but she was not allowed to.

    Limbaugh seriously crossed the line, as usual, calling her all kinds of names such as a 'slut' and 'prostitute' and insinuating much more of the same on his show.

    Well, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke out against this ridiculousness and emailed supporters of the bill.  She's been a long time 'champion of women's rights issues' and she jumped on this opportunity and I say good for her. 

    This, to me, shows just how low the right will stoop to get their way.