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the insane costs of insane wars!

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    The average American embassies around the world have about 150 employees with the exception of the Iraqi embassy which is as big as the Vatican that cost a half trillion to build and now spends billions each year; 16,000 paid mercenaries with their own military equipment and 5,000 Blackwater security personnel, in other words, the U.S. Government is still occuping Iraq.
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    Aren't U.S. Embassies viewed as being on American soil? If the security teams only secure the embassy and U.S. citizens, it seems like it would be a far cry from an occupation. I'm not well versed on the subject but perhaps maybe we should look at the excessive cost of the operations. Do you have anymore information on the subject?
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    US Embassies are in effect sovereign territory of the US in the country they are located......the defense of the embassy is normally the job of the US Marines.......I do not know how many are in the Embassy in Iraq.......
      The private contractors (Blackwater etc) are not to guard US Embassies......they are there to defend other Americans in the country. Basically they are a "private army" paid by US taxpayers......this started with Bush and I think the Afghans have kicked them out of the country.

      Legally an attack on an Embassy is an attack on the country itself.....such as Iran in is an act or war.