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Tucker Carlson: 'Iran deserves to be annihilated'

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    On a Fox News show called "Red Eye", Tucker Carlson was asked about America's hubris in starting wars with other countries.  He was asked, in a somewhat joking manner by the host:

    "Tucker, aren't we the only country allowed to make preemptive strikes?  Who the hell does Iran think it is?"

    Tucker's response was this:

    "I think we are the only country with the moral authority sufficient to do that. [The U.S. is] the only country that doesn’t seek hegemony in the world. I do think, I’m sure I’m the lone voice in saying this, that Iran deserves to be annihilated. I think they’re lunatics. I think they’re evil."

    Iran deserves to be annihilated.  I think they're lunatics.  I think they're evil.... Wow.

    I was cheering when Jon Stewart nailed him years back on "Crossfire", leading to a canceling of that annoying program.  (Youtube it if you haven't seen that, hilarious stuff) Now, I just wish he would go away for good.  Who's with me?
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    The US has the "moral authority" to police the world? I don't think so.......we have the right of self any country. As for Iran the war drums are pounding in certain circles. The US is in no position to "annihilate" this guy suggesting we nuke them? He is crazy......another neocon half-wit.
      I would prefer that Iran not have nuclear weapons as it would lead to an arms race in the Middle East......if Iran had nukes the Saudis would be next.
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    The drum beat for war with Iran is sickening.