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Prodigal Sun (Republicans stop solar for oil)

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    "I am one who doesn't put the state of the economy on just one person."

    Me neither.  But, Obama IS the president, the "leader of the free world", the "Captain of the Ship", if you will.  He assumed the job, and all that goes along with it, all the responsibility, when he won the election.

    Almost nothing bad is ALL his fault, just as nothing good is ALL to his credit.  Kind of like the quarterback of a football team:  as the leader of the team, they get too much credit when they win, too much blame when they lose.  But...that just goes with the territory.

    The old saying:  "He knew the job was dangerous when he took it"  seems to appy here.

    Yes, he will get the credit, AND the blame, because of his position.

    He OWNS the economy, and the war in Afghanistan now.  Bush could rightfully be blamed for a while, but after 3 1/2 years???  It ALL belongs to Obama now.
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    I see your point, when the majority looks at the economy, many will blame the president, since he is the president.  Still, I realize not one president alone can make the changes we need to stop oil; it will take the house and senate also.  Yet when it comes to Democrats and Republicans being able to agree on anything, it doesn’t happen anymore.  The Republican Party has moved so far to the right, that anything the left has to say, is not acceptable, no matter what.  Our government can’t operate this way, yet it pretends to. 

    As far as this war, there is never a good reason for war, yet here we are, in a ten year war.  The money system and a lot of the majority’s jobs are dependent on this war.  Yes Obama should be ending it, but you have to remember, the money system doesn’t care about political parties, they make their hay no matter who is leading the country.  The 38 cents we borrow on every dollar we spend, doesn’t pay the military bill.  The amount of money to be made for the money system is staggering, so it is clear to me why the war still goes on.  I think it is passed time for the majority to step in, don't you agree?  The majority is everyone, good and right is what everyone should want, unless you are one of the very few who control the money system, then more money is all that matters.

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    "more money is all that matters"

    Unfortunately that is all too true.

    And, greed is not limited to the wealthy, contrary to what some people seem to think.

    "there is never a good reason for war"

    "good reason"...maybe not.  But, sometimes there is "justification" for war.

    Was stopping Hitler not justified?  As terrible as WWII was, was the alternative any better?  Would 6 million dead Jews or their relatives not agree that war was "justified"?

    "good reason"?  Maybe not good, but there are sometimes wars that seem necessary.

    Iraq and Afghanistan are not what I would call good or justified.  The real mystery is WHY DOESN'T PRESIDENT OBAMA GET US OUT?  What are we accomplishing?  NOTHING!

    Is he so weak and inneffective that he CAN'T get us out, or does he really think keeping us over there is a "good" thing?  Why does he think Afghanistan is a "good war"?  What possible "justification" is there for him to keep us in this war?

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    I agree World War II was for sure the last time war was a good idea for America.  I even agree with the decision to allow Paarl Harbor in order to get the American majority behind the war.  Hitler would have gone down as the greatest leader of Germany ever had he died before he started a world war.  I do not blame the Germany majority for anything that happened in the war; they had no control of the system then, just like our majority has no control of the money system now. 

    Why are we still in this last war?  Look what it took to get us into this ten year war.  The money system does not discriminate political parties; it controls all our leaders, oil being the greatest ruler of all.  We are borrowing money every day to pay for this war, the ones making the money do plenty to keep the war going.

    On a lighter note, I was watching the news this morning about an electric car that goes 300 miles on a charge.  It also goes from 0 to 60 in five seconds.  That is fricken fast for sure.

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    "oil being the greatest ruler of all"


    I think the big banking and big pharma/healthcare corporations are also in that conversation.  For sure they ALL have way too much influence on our politicians.  And by that I mean they OWN our politicians.  MONEY has completely corrupted politics and it will get even worse, as hard as that is to imagine.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the 300 mile electric car.  Electric vehicles are in our future, but practical and affordable pure electric vehicles are still a long way off.

    President Bush was wrong to get us into this war.  President Obama is just as wrong for not getting us out of this war.  Bush can not change his decisions on the war as president.  Obama CAN still change his decisions on the war.

    We should have been out within a year of Obama's election and we ALL know it.

    President Obama seems smart.  Why is he so stupid on this war?
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    fenway, you spoke this:

    "I think the big banking and big pharma/healthcare corporations are also in that conversation".

    For sure they are a top player in the money system.  Romney was in WI last week, spitting the words, “Obama Care is keeping small businesses from being able to afford to have a business.”  Meaning, these small businesses can’t afford health care for their employees.  If the owner of a small business can’t afford health care for its workers, how on earth can their workers get health insurance?  They can’t and they won’t, they won’t have Obama Care either, once we get a Republican president. 

    America ranks 33 in the world when it comes to taking care of us health wise.  Many of the majority dies when their health care provider rejects a medical procedure that would have saved them, to save the health care industry money. 

    When I heard the medical insurance companies were against Obama Care, I was all for Obama Care. I know the health insurance industry doesn’t want what’s good for the majority, they want what makes them the most money, no Obama Care and deny expensive medical procedures.  Yes for a fact health care is a huge player in the money system, so far they don’t own Obama, like they bought out the Clintons and all the Republicans.

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    "so far they don't own Obama"

    I'm not so sure they don't own a piece of him, too.  And, they own so many others that they don't have to own the president.

    "they bought out the Clintons and all the Republicans"

    You left out the Democrats.  If you don't think they also own the Democrats, you'd be wrong.

    Health Care owns lots of politicians from BOTH sides.  As does Oil.  As does big banking.  And big agriculture.  And big retail.  And the unions.  And the list goes on and on and on...
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    I have to agree with your points here.  Obama care is an attempt to pull America out of 33rd place, but one that was so complicated most would not take the time to figure it out.  Obama’s plan could have been clearer from the start, and then maybe the majority would be behind it far more than they are now. 

    As for all the others you listed, you are correct as well.  So my question, if America is the greatest nation on earth, why are we the majority doing nothing about this BS?  In all other countries it is illegal to bribe politicians with money, but in America it is legal?  Are we the majority this stupid to allow such non sense for the majority, great for the system we allow to own our politicians?  The system needs to be stopped, if indeed we are the greatest on earth, then it is time we stop allowing the golden rule for what should only be in a communist country, “those who have the gold make the rules.”  Yes the the money system has sold us out to comumist China, but America is a democracy for the people by the people, its time the majority starts realizing this, so we can unite, instead of being uselessly devided into two political parties.  Once united, the united majority of America is the greatest power on earth.  The best thing for earth and our children's future for sure.    
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    "then maybe the majority would be behind it..."

    The problem is that the majority does not know, and more importantly does not care enough to "be behind" anything.  The majority sees our "so called leaders", the sorry elected officials fighting among themselves , who would much rather beat the other party than to serve the American people, and who can blame them for being disinterested?

    "Are we the majority this stupid...?"

    I think you know the answer to that one.

    "The system needs to be stopped..."

    Yes, but "the system" is so corrupted by the BIG MONEY that is seems to be getting worse rather than better.