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Colin Powell - The Moderate Republican and Retired General

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    I've recently become interested, for whatever reason, in Colin Powell, the moderate republican and retired four-star general.  Mostly, I am interested in clarifying his stance on the recent wars America has gotten into, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. 

    As I understand it, in a nutshell, Colin Powell worked his way up to Four Star General in the US Army, retired, served on the Joint Chief of Staff from 1989-1993, played with the idea of running for president but backed out quickly saying it "wasn't for him".

    He then became Bush's Secretary of State from 2001-2005, then went back to "civilian life". 

    In 2008, he supported Obama.

    Hmmm, from what I can infer from Powell, he seems to be not such a bad guy.  He seems to have a pretty level headed and mostly objective view of it all.  Of course, I am very lacking in enough context to formulate this opinion. 

    Anyone care to enlightenment me on Colin Powell?  What are your thoughts of his actions, his career, his views on war, etc?  Bad guy/good guy or a little of both??