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    We love you and your show but are you going to be cheer-leading Obama's re-election for the next seven months? We can't watch you doing that. Why don't you have Ralph Nader on your show?  Here he is on C-Span last week:

    "Ifyou support Obama because he's not as bad as whoever the Republicans nominate, you are in complicity with what's going on in Afghanistan and all over the world where the Obama doctrine of prosecution, judge,jury execution only on suspicion without letting any court decide, you are complicite with this."
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    Probably the only intelligent response that I can give you is this:

    I support Barack Obama because he is, without question, the best President that we have had
    for YEARS. I also have to admit that I voted for George W twice, which is something that I'll always regret.

    In my  opinion, NONE  of the Republican Presidential candidates are fit to serve as President.

    By definition, I guess that means that Obama is "not as bad as" the Republicans, but that would be doing him (and us) a great disservice.

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    Bless you Arizona, that was a wonderful tribute to our President (Obama) who has been put through double the animosity and slander of any other President. Thanks to a grass roots front group (organized & financed by the Koch Bros) Obama has been attacked, threatened, put into danger, & had his term of office sabotaged, by infiltrators into our govt who mean to do us all harm. By this, I mean the TEA PARTY, (a JBS - Birch Society front) is now showing their true colors, to disrupt & try to destroy our DEMOCRACY, to prevent a truly elected President from fulfilling his Democratic agenda, during his 4 years in office. Every form of subversive activity has been used to delay or prevent necessary legislation from being passed.

    We have several young "upstarts" in Wash DC that have no idea of the solemnity & dignity of the office they hold. I am referring here to the TEA PARTY crowd. They act like high school boys at a frat party, trying to show off how disrespectful (and ignorant) they can behave. In ordinary places, and at ordinary times, they would have been ushered out the door, abruptly,  with a swift kick to their butt. For some reason, this year all normal butt-kicking agencies are totally de-activated. Where are they? Is the Secret Service, for instance, doing all they can to keep gun-toting wing-nuts away from Obama rallies? (NO) Why have there been incidents where gunshots are fired at the White House? (shrug) Why are total horse manure statements being allowed, uncensored, on our airwaves? While Rush Limberger has been an honored guest, allowed to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom (of the WhiteHouse) when Bush was president. (I hope the staff had at least checked, & counted the silverware before he left).

    If somebody like Rush Limberger can be made an "honorary member of Congress" by the GOP, that explains why the dignity & the honor of Congress has been polluted. Why the kiddies of the far right think that "anything goes" & not to worry about integrity or even human decency. I hate to disparage the sterling reputation of "the old windbag" -- but we can't help noticing that dear old Rush has been a Drop-out, (Flunk-out), Doper, & Draft Dodger, before he went to work for the GOP. Where he mysteriously gets paid MILLIONS of $$ to tell nothing but pure LIES on the radio, 24/7 -- attacking liberals or Democrats, & doing nothing less than idolatry in his praise of the GOP. Yet he says that his program is "not political, but just for entertainment." Some of his entertainment consists of making music recordings using Ted Kennedy's voice singing "Well I'm a philanderer, just a philanderer,
    my car goes round & round & round, while Mary Jo is getting drowned, but I'm a Kennedy, I'm just a Kennedy, unlucky that her body's ever found." And all the right-wingers laughed their guts out, as they played that same recording every morning on the radio.

    The intense crudity, & gutteral aspect of their humor makes your skin crawl. It is like seeing the depths of hell, where slimey reptiles & slithering snakes reign supreme, in a state of perpetual depravity. Such is the honor of GOP's leadership.

    I know several people who have always been Republicans, & they do not realize that their old Party (GOP) has been taken over, sabotaged, & utterly destroyed. It is NOT what it used to be, and voting for the "brand name" Republican is NOT getting you the values and the integrity that the GOP used to have. They are like the elephant has been killed & now a mask has been put upon another beast to make you believe it is still the elephant, but it is actually a Hippopotamus, or Dragon of some kind, "disguised" as an elephant. So they can still rely on your vote, because they have kept you unaware of the truth.

    If AMERICA is going to survive, most of the GOP must wake up & see that it is TRUE, that their Party has been taken over by extremists, like the Tea Party (which is totally a creation of the wealthy industrialist Koch Bros, the sons of Birch Society Fred Koch).
    These buffoons dance upon the stage to distract us all from the lurking monster, which is waiting in the wings (after election) to devour the Constitution, & with it all hopes for human freedom shall perish from the earth.