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    Who sponsored this lying cartoon? I researched that old guy alot and this doesn't sound right at all. Ron Paul may well not agree with abortion or the death penalty, but what Ron Paul is against is Gov't interfering with such items. It would violate Chapter 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

    Ron Paul's campaign now, just as it was back in 2008 has always been about slashing our bloated gov't to cover only the basic responsibilities spelled out by our founding fathers. I voted for Obama in 2008 because of Ron Paul's "right to work" vote, which by tradition is anti-union. The fact is I heard the man tell a journalist on YouTube that he is NOT anti-union. He agrees people have a right to collectively bargain for better wages and benefits. He is against involving gov't to provide conditions that regulate such right.

    I challenge anyone who watched that cartoon drivel to provide a link that shows Ron Paul advocating gov't interference with abortion or any other issue.

    I am afraid of the "STATUS QUO" and their printing of money out of thin air. What about my savings for retirement? Can we all say "inflation"? I voted for "hope and change" and now I want a REVOLUTION.

    It's time America woke up and started calling the media on their "agenda" and ask WHY Ron Paul is so popular on the street and being hidden by the news!

    RON PAUL 2012
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    That cartoon is awful. There are plenty of things that I don't agree with Ron Paul. But his foreign and economic policies are legit. And since I live in the Bible Belt where we elect leaders like Rick Perry, most of his decentralization policies are and issue for me. If enacted, Texas could start going backwards on the topics of science and civil rights. But I would like to think that the moral zeitgeist will eventually make its way here and reverse any damage done.

    Is Ron Paul religious? Yes. Is Ron Paul against women's rights? Yes, on some issues. Is Ron Paul anti-union? Yes. But the major difference between Ron Paul and every other Republican is that Ron Paul won't shove that crap down your throats and will defer those decisions to the states. Which I haven't decided if that is a good thing or a bad thing yet.
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    Nonsense. It would be chaos if Paul was President, utter chaos.

    That man has declared war on an account identity, i.e. the national "debt" or non-government net US dollar savings. Gov deficit=non government surplus. 

    By the way, he voted for the Afghan war.

    And he's lying about his racist newsletters.

    Totally unfit for office. Totally insane idea.

    We're in Contagion. The Madness is everywhere. Big Darkness Forever.

    The Deficit Owls are the Last and Only Progressives Left Standing!

    Here's an elementary introduction to MMT:

    Stephanie Kelton: What Happens When the Government Tightens its Belt?

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    I don't think I have ever heard him deny that he voted for the Afghan war. From what I understand, he still supports that decision. If we are attacked his is all for fighting back. I'm pretty sure he voted against the Iraq War.

    I thought he admitted to the newsletter and said that it was wrong of him to do that. He grew up in a racist society, I think he has shed that racism.

    I don't think chaos will ensue if Paul is elected. I think he would introduce his ideas, and try to implement them. But he will be in the executive branch, not the legislative. The leg is far more powerful. Congress won't let him totally overhaul the entire government. Just won't happen, change takes too long. What will hopefully happen is that we will take a new look at our foreign and economic policy and start thinking outside the box, find new solutions to prevailing problems, etc.
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    Nope. He said he didn't write them, and had not even known about the racism in the newsletters until 2000.

    In 1996 he defended the racist content in an interview with the Dallas Morning News.

    It's like Romney saying he didn't write his 2009 op-ed advocating the Mass. model. Complete bullshit.

    And if you don't know how the checks clear, you have no business advocating monetary policy.

    Accounting is not Ron Paul's strong suit.

    Well, household accounting is not his problem, he made millions while in office mailing out all those newsletters.

    Where did those dollars come from Paul (originally speaking)?

    Government deficit spending!

    If that offends your ideology, tough-titty! It's an account identity.

    How did government tax or borrow U.S. dollars before U.S. dollars ever existed?

    The Federal Government spends first!

    And what an avg. hour of labor can buy has improved dramatically over time!

    Look, politics is largely about learning how insane you've been and moving forward as if you are not crazy still.

    Ron Paul people need to come to Jesus.

    This madness has gone on long enough.

    Focus on civil liberties and financial fraud.

    Stop inventing ideologies to explain what you cannot explain or understand about the US economy. 

    Government deficit=non government surplus.

    American capitalism suffers from chronic aggregate demand slack.

    Let my people work!