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Doug Lamborn and the politics of hate

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    Reference: The Denver Post Editorial: Doug Lamborn's state of disunion

    The Denver Post commented on Doug Lamborn's boycott of the State of the Union address tonight. Lamborn is my representative from Colorado Springs, one of the most conservative cities in America and home of Focus on the Family. I know his politics very well. He is ranked as the most conservative member of Congress, a distinction he wears with pride and even posts in his own website.

    However, Lamborn has often confuses genuine conservatism with hate for Obama and has called Obama a "tar baby."
    He later apologized but I know he really meant it.

    He professes good Christian values and good conservative values, but he is so consumed by hate that he has lost all perspective of what it means to be a Christian or a conservative, let alone a distinguished representative of America.

    I agree, as the Denver Post suggests, that this is a stunt to raise money as it worked for Joe Wilson in his "You Lie!" shout at Obama: "Yet Wilson was hailed as a hero by many small donors on the right, turning the episode into a cash cow and a badge of honor for his 2010 re-election effort."

    Follow the how much money Lamborn raises by being the new "Hater-in-Chief of Congress."

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    The politics of Hatred has been "surged" in recent years, & it has reached the point of being almost "sedition" since Obama was elected. It had also reached that point in 1963, when JFK was assassinated due to the poisonous atmosphere of John Birch Society rhetoric. They taught that JFK was a communist & a "traitor," & they also preached against the United Nations.

    That is why I say the TeaBaggers are just continuing the old Birch propaganda machine, & been financed by the second generation of Fred Koch, who was on JBS National Council. The same old phrases are being spoken again, like an old "echo chamber" from the past.