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The Keystone Pipeline

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    Thank you for the Garth Lentz video Schmidt.  I was of the understanding that if Keystone was constructed, the Canadians would NOT build a pipeline over the Rockies to Vancouver for export to China.  This presentation shows that the Canadians are determined to export directly to China from their own Pacific ports no matter what.  If Lentz' maps are the truth and not environmentalist propaganda, I'm disappointed in Stephen Harper's government.  Perhaps they were not upfront with the US on this.  I imagined an exclusive Canadian-US partnership on Keystone. 
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    Updated Continental Maps: Tar Sands and Associated Pipelines

    The above maps show the scope of the proposed development and pipelines through 2035.

    "In the time since the last pipeline continental maps, one can see new proposed and expanded pipelines cutting this way and that across British Columbia, proposed to splice directly to California as well as reversing several lines to facilitate major tar sands super tanker traffic from Maine to Philadelphia and further along the Atlantic and into the Gulf of Mexico." 

    Huge BC rally in Prince Rupert protests Northern Gateway pipeline

    The above link is about a protest rally against the British Columbia route...

    February 5, 2012: "Prince Rupert - A huge rally took to the streets on Saturday in British Columbia’s Prince Rupert, opposing Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline which would transport Alberta tar sands to Kitimat, primary access point along the province’s northwest coast."

    With the Keystone XL pipeline, we are debating the merits of just one phase of a gigantic venture covering decades of development. In my opinion, it doesn't make sense to ship the oil via Keystone XL to the Gulf of Mexico if that oil is indeed destined to be shipped to China. The much cheaper route and with better access to the Pacific Ocean corridor for super tankers to China is the Enbridge pipeline to a terminal in Kitimat, British Columbia.

    However, as it seems, the project is big enough to have multiple pipelines and multiple buyers. The fact that Canadians are protesting the Enbridge route is another environmental  issue that is being pursued in parallel with the Keystone XL route.

    The scope of the environmental devastation is real.
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    I watched all 17 minutes of the video this morning, and found it very compelling.

    After watching the video, I sent a copy to everyone that I could think of, and reminded them that House Speaker John Boehner (who's pushing for the Keystone pipeline) owns shares in seven Canadian companies that are involved in tar sands mining.
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    Gosh BAM-BAM, I did not think we were allowed to use the "F" word on this site?  Being one of the few Republicans who posts here, had I dropped the "F-bomb" (say for instance, preceding the names of George Soros or Pres. Obama), it is likely that Schmidt would have flagged me for inappropriate language.  And the monitor even let your post stand for the past 24 hours.  You must really rate!
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    It is the Democratic Hub.

    Maybe I shouldn't use that language, certainly not all the time.
    Occasionally, it is good to vent. 

    There are many places on the web available for venting your outrage at Obama.

    This is a place for Democrats, and even dissident Democrat-In-Memory-Only (DIMO) types, like myself, to vent their frustrations. 

    Look the Koch brothers might be nice people, treat their families right, donate to charity, etc., etc., and I would not speak disrespectfully to them if I had the chance, but I and millions of Americans like me have a big fucking problem with the Koch brother's public-policy influence.