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Huntsman Withdraws From The Race

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    Why would John Huntsman withdraw from the race two days after the largest newspaper in South Carolina endorsed him? Why would he endorse another candidate with whom he is not completely aligned ideologically?
    If you think the Mormon church was not involved in this maneuver you are sadly mistaken. Huntsman was told by the church to drop out and endorse Romney. Both Huntsman and Romney MUST do what the church tells them to do. If they defy the Prophet they risk being thrown out of the church. I am scared of the amount of influence the Mormon church will exert over our government in a Romney presidency.
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    Jon Huntsman was polling at only 6 percent in South Carolina, a distant 5th place behind Romney's 32 percent. In addition, his billionaire father, Jon Huntsman Sr who has funded his SuperPac up through New Hampshire has decided to no longer fund his campaign. So he had no choice but to pull out.

    But why did Jon Huntsman Sr. decide to withdraw his son's "unlimited credit card?" This is a guy that makes charitable donations exceeding $1 billion so money was not a problem for him. Furthermore, Huntsman Sr is a respected member and stake president of the Mormon church in Salt Lake City.

    So indirectly Jon Huntsman was forced to quit because of funding...but what were the motives behind his father's withdrawal of funding? It is hard to not believe that the Mormon church had some influence on it.

    In any case, many have postulated that Huntsman never had a serious chance to beat out Romney, let alone beating Obama, but by getting him into the campaign in 2012, it gives him name recognition and campaign experience for 2016. That may have been the real motive for his candidacy all along...getting exposure/experience for 2016 when there will not be "an heir apparent" for the Democratic Party nomination.

    And if Romney loses to Obama...he will never again be allowed to run for President. Huntsman will be the "New Romney" for 2016.