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Hate Fueling GOP Primaries

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    It appears that one must hate some group in order to win primaries in the Republican party.  The Presidential candidates like Ron Paul and Rick Santorum appear to engage in all kinds of Racist rhetoric with any price to pay with the GOP voters. 

    Read my blog post on this!
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    Excellent blog post on hate. I have often written in this website about how hate, anger and fear block out all critical thinking skills. And the right wing Republicans live in a perpetual state of anger and hate, much of it manufactured by their media hosts, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. I don't doubt their sincerity...much of it is self-delusional, the repetition of their own lies over and over again until it becomes ingrained into their psyche.

    One example of that was the "Birther Lie" that I wrote about back in April: My Perspective on the 'Birther Movement' in which I noted that many of the birthers absolutely refuse to give up on the birther lie, despite all the facts and the revealing of the long form birth certificate.

    For those particular set of haters, it is about racism, but for other haters it is anything liberal: Big Government, taxes on the rich, the LGBT community, abortion, guns, Muslims, "Godless liberals"...any reason to hate.
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    It is unfortunate that the Republican Party is hijacked by extremists - the hate for our nation's first minority president has them in 'Crazy mode' - I look forward with enthusiasm to this campaign year more than ever -- time to expose the bigots!
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    You are absolutely right about the Tea Party.  However, I will take it a step further and add the right wing conservatives in the Republican Party. They are so filled with hate because we have an African-American in office that they have allowed race to become the most prevalent issue that influences all reason and judgement. The disrespect for the office and
    "The Man", is unprecedented. They all talk about POTUS being unamerican, but they are the ones who are unamerican. I even think it boarders on treason. Calling the man a thug is just their code word for N-----. They are all guilty;Boehner, Cantor, Gingrich, McConnel, Romney, and Santorum. These guys are suppossed tobe honorable men sworn to uphold the consitution.  There is nothing honorable about any of them.  They collectively conspire and wish for America to do bad, so the President looks bad. How UNAMERICAN is that?? Racism really is UGLY..
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    The path republicans are on leads to outright hatred of Americans.  If then, you hate your neighbor, you would never do anything to help him. 
    Pointing out that republicans hate all Americans is the education we need to pursue.