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Fast & Furious

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    Much is said about the "gun-running" beginning during the GW Bush years.  Moderate media has Fast & Furious being a continuation of that earlier fiasco.   What is comical about the MSM media's reporting is their inability to make a distinction which is obvious to anyone who pays attention.   The Bush-era program tracked the guns and when some got away from them, the program was called to a halt.  In contrast, Fast & Furious avoided tracking the guns, deliberately losing them, and concentrated on the "straw purchasers."   The left of center press makes the linkage between two different programs for obvious reasons.   Why the moderate or unaligned press and even right wing politicians ignore the distinction must certainly be a sign of intellectual deficiency.
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    Seems like both programs were stopped once it was noticed that guns were turning up missing.
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    There's a distinct difference.   The original version had the ATF attempting to track the guns.   When it was discovered they had lost track of some of them, they halted the program altogether.

    In Fast and Furious, the game plan was to track the straw purchasers and ATF agents were ordered NOT to track the guns.  That was such a stupid plan, one has to wonder if the goal wasn't to make sure the guns went to Mexico.   What kind of a fool would make a choice like that if he didn't want to run guns to Mexico?   The real question is not "what happened?" but at what level did the fool who came up with that plan rank.  This is so bad the administration needs to protect itself by finding out where this program originated and prosecuting the guy or at least firing him.
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    P S:

         Even worse for the ATF is the fact that the Fast and Furious halt came only after ATF agents blew the whistle and revealed what had going on and what the result was.  The administration's flanks are exposed and they need to do more than try to cover it up with a most screen.
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    June 29, 2012

    Eric H. Holder
    Attorney General of the United States
    950 Pennsylvania, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    RE: Fast & Furious; See also U.S.  v. Hernandez: SA-07-CR-415-XR
    Dear Honorable Eric H. Holder:
          The ATF currently provides pay bonuses for “quality cases”.  These cases can only be developed if the lead agent, “within his discretionary capacity”, does not warn the potential straw purchaser of the possible illegality of the ongoing weapons transaction (See ATF form 4473).  
    In my jury trial case which dealt with subject matter occurring from 4/04-8/09 (referenced above), testimony elicited from the lead agent showed that these warnings were not given and that arms were allowed to be purchased with full knowledge and involvement of the ATF.
         It is not just an operation such as “Fast and Furious” but rather the fundamental policy dating back to 2004 (at minimum) which is in need of remedy; as to this aspect, I respectfully suggest the following solution: 
    1) Make warnings by ATF Agents to potential straw purchasers mandatory not discretionary. 
    2) Provide “quality” bonuses for such intervention rather than requiring the cultivation of a  “quality case” in order to earn this type of bonus.
        This Bipartisanship resolution will help to provide peace of mind for the American people and help stem the flow of arms to Mexico.
    Sincerely Yours,

    Frank A. Menchaca, Esq.
    629 S. Presa
    San Antonio, TX 78210
    (210) 227-6305 tel.
    (210) 479-0732 fac.
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    This is just one more example of a situation we have discussed on this Forum before.
    At all high levels of govt decision-making, there need to be Basic Standards enforced:

    For all those wishing to be employed in Law Enforcement, or Executive Branches of Govt:

    Every four years, the prospective employee must undergo:

    (1) Drug Testing

    (2) IQ Testing
    (3) Sanity Testing

    in order to qualify for federal positions representing any authority of the United States Govt.

    It is obvious that too many candidates for the current Congress would "flunk" several of these tests.
    Particularly those who espouse the Mad Hatter's "Tea Party" ideals, and Wild West attitudes. We have
    allowed educational and intellectual standards to be diminished to an abysmally low level, & this must
    be rectified, or the prestige of the USA will no longer be respected around the world.